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Food Question

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Hi I have been feeding my kitties Authority cat food. This weekend we had went to petsmart and a Bil-Jac rep was there and we got the Bil-Jac dog food for our dogs. My question is what one of these two foods are better the Authority or the Bil-Jac. My dogs has been on Bil-Jac for three days now and I already see a difference in them. Just wanting to know if the Bil-Jac cat food is better than the Authority.
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authority is the petsmart brand that sorta competes with the higher up foods they carry(science diet and possible others). not sure exactley where bil jac stands but my cats were eating it for a bit and did look good and all on it just after awhile I couldn't rely on them to eat it anymore as a group(about 1/2 decided the other cats c/d food tasted better....so had to get them to stop eating that(its 45/20 lbs lol) if the dogs are looking good/better on it I'd say leave them on it. I think authority doesn't have a set food ingrediatn list(was told that in 98/99 when I was dealing with kitty with food allergies) RJ
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Bil jac is a different food ... it uses by products( claims to be only the organs ) ,ground corn( which for a cat is not a major allergen but still not as digestable as other grains) and if memory serves BHA ( wont touch this chemical preservative) ... They use molasses ( a sugar) to make the stuff irresitable to cats and dogs... I wouldnt recommend this as it contains via the label the same stuff as other foods I wouldnt recommend IMHO Authority is a bit better in dry ..
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The main thing I don't like about Bil-Jac is the use of BHA as a preservative....it is a known carcinogen in humans and is banned from human consumption in the US and banned for both humans AND animals in the UK.
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