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Which kind of music gets you motivated?

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I'm sitting here trying to get some motivation to get all my housework and bits done! So far I've only managed to cross two things off my 'to do' list!

I have some Lenny Kravitz on and it's getting me slightly in the mood, but need just that little bit more oomph!

So, which tunes or albums get you going?
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I always listen to club/techno music when I'm cleaning. We have satellite radio on our tv, so I always listen to The Move, or BPM, or somethin' bumpin'... have fun with the cleaning Sara. I did that all weekend.
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Sarah, it's country all the way for me!!!!
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I am listening to Classified, and it caused me to clean out my hallway closet!!!

What a great feat!! Thank you hip hop music for being so catchy!!
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Zydeco music here. It has a faster beat and gets you up and moving!
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Heavy metal. The hardest, fastest heavy metal I can find. It puts me into such a happy, energetic mood that I feel like I'm flying for the rest of the day.
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hip hop gets me motivated and the music that is popular today (the top songs) gets me motivated.
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Lucky for me almost anything can get me going. But I find something I can easily dance to and sing along with gets me going the most. It has to be more fast paced as that keeps my energy up. But usually I put the many songs on my computer on shuffle and away I go!
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I know it's dead, but ska. Ska makes me want to move in general
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
I know it's dead, but ska. Ska makes me want to move in general
It doesn't matter if its dead hunny...if it gets you movin, thats all that matters!! PLUS, we all have our own taste
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loud music with a good beat when I go to the gym
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Social Distortion and Brian Setzer get me up and moving.
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Disco, 80's or Metal.
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I'm sure you never heard about it, but Reggaetón gets me motivated.
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I'm not of great help here, but ANYTHING with great vocals. I love to sing and I love to sing loud. What better to sing into than a mop or broom handle??
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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to give them a go and see if I can get somewhere near half the work done!

I'll have to look a couple up and see what they're like - will be good to listen to something new!
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Try Hinder, especially Get Stoned....LOVE that song!! LOL
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I love metal, Metallica, Rammstein etc that usually gets me going

Also makes me drive to fast
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That's an easy question - BON JOVI!
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Oh Sara, this is a complex question!..
The answer is,.....Depends of the mood!....

-To clean the house, cook and Hometask, techno and Metal Music!

-To Dinner Jazz Music

-to work on Office, hits of the 80´s, 90´s and Jazz Music

BUT the majority of time, ( In the Car, in the the I-Pod,......etc..) I´m always listening my favourite groups:

QUEEN and the rippingtons!

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