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Anyone use TruGreen lawn service?

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We just bought our new house back in July-- and it came fully landscaped and sodded. We have never had grass that we had to take care of before. Our house in Mississippi had so many trees that they shaded out the grass. We didnt even own a lawnmower then! LOL

My neighbor has a gorgeous lawn He takes very very good care of it but about a month or two ago he got a fungus in his grass (he just found out its a fungus). He contacted TruGreen and they came out and are going to treat his lawn for the fungus. They guarantee their services and arent terribly expensive.

Now our yard has developed the fungus! YUCK! and we have huge brown and yellow swaths in our yard now. YUCK YUCK YUCK.

We will only be using them for the front & side yard not the back where the doggies spend some of their time.

Question is--

How many of yall have used them or know someone who has? If you used them was it due to a lawn problem? Did they fix it? Did you like their service?

Any comments will help! Thanks!

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lol...my husband works for them here in Alabama. He is a supervisor over a lawn crew.... but he works in the residential lawn service department...the chemical service is a different department

All of the locations are different but he never gets complaints from his customers...if I were you I would ask around in your area to see how their service is
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Are you using them as a one time service or regularily???
As a landscaper I personally am appalled at the amount of chemicals people dump on their lawns so they "look good".
I would inquire the background of the people as the majority have no horticultural training only sales training.
I would recommend to bookmark this site: texasextension.tamu.edu/ag_nr.html. This is the site from Texas A&M Cooperative Extension. They have a host of publications specifically pertaining to horticulture in Texas & I'm sure they have turf information on this site. I would do a little research before calling someone to apply potentially unneccesary products on your lawn.
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this will probably be a one or two time thing-- I dont like the chemicals either but this is a new neighborhood and we have restrictions on how our grass and yards should look-- We just want to get it in good shape once and learn how to keep it that way. I have heard that cornmeal or cracked corn will fix fungus but i am not sure on it--

Ive been reading and would love to try to cornmeal thing but hubby is saying no just call these people and let them do it.

So i have to surrender this time and follow his orders for now. Im still researching lawn conditions though
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You are thinking of corn gluten. I think that it can be used as a pre-emergent herbicide.
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Nope here...
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