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Stinking truck still isn't fixed!

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I hate to ask for vibes but can you all please spare a few get truck running quick and cheap vibes. It still wants to stall out when its at a red light and idles below 800 rpms! So we are without a vehicle and I have to ride to work with my mom!
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Ugh, how annoying, Brandi!

Sending many Get Running }}}VIBES{{{ to truck!

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Lots of vibes headed your way that you get the truck running soon and it isn't costly!
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Thanks! Its really frustrating not having a vehicle. I hate not being able to go get things I need without borrowing someones car or truck. Luckily my dad got his truck fixed saturday (spark plugs and wires needed to be replaced) and it is running fine or we would have several stops on the way to work! Isn't life fun!
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I remember the few times when I vehicle was out of commission and we only had one vehicle it was a pain. At that time we worked different hours and 40 miles apart!!
Hope something gets running soon!!!
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Our ford used to do that all the time... so I was going to say check the old spark plugs... they are either dirty or need changing!

What I know about cars is scary... I learned all I know from my stepfather, the only problem was that he was useless too! He just used to hit the battery, go through the gears one at a time and press the clutch until it either started or he deemed it broken! I always thought that was the way to get a car started! Shows you what I know 'eh?
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Just have to say thanks for all the truck get fixed cheap vibes! They worked!! The bad news is it was something we checked and sealed but just didn't seal the right part of the tube! The tube was only 30 buck but the diagnostic was 60 and the labor was a whopping 80!! So we came in at just under $200!

Thanks again everyone!
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