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For the homeless kitties I chose

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The shelter got in 4 FeLV+ babies on Thur eve. We knew they were + Fri, but the vet wasn't in to have them pts. They came back to the shelter to wait their date on Monday. One escaped Fri. eve & exposed all other cats in the quarantine room. The shelter president & I had to make a tough call. We had space to quarantine cats in 3 cages. So, we made the choice to save a 6 week old kitten, a mother that has two 2 week old babies, & a young female who was a sorta surrender.

The decision was, sadly, sort of easy for one cat. She had been at the shelter since the beginning of August. We had treated her for coccidia 3 times & she was on her 4th treatment. She simply was not getting better. After being treated 3 times, she still had the most coccidia in a stool sample the vet has seen. She was miserable in her cage & no longer had the will to live. Whisper was an adult dilute calico.

The other boy was difficult. He was so friendly, but harmed himself on the cage. He had open wounds from beating himself up, even after a week. NickleBack was an adult blue DSH.

And, sadly, those four 8 week old babies could not be saved.

I had to look at the faces of the ones I saved all day while I went about "business as normal". Chances are, Whisper & NickleBack wouldn't have gotten FeLV....but we just don't have the space. There are over 50 cats at the shelter when we have room for 35. More & more strays come in the door everday. I wish those people who chose not to spay/neuter could've seen the faces of those kittens, or adults, as we loaded them into carriers. They knew.

Nobody got mad when I told them the decision the president & I made. They all know & understand. But, still, to have to call the people who surrendered Whisper & tell them broke my heart.
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It wasn't an easy job

Have fun over at the bridge little ones

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I am so sorry for your sad decisions and losses.

Rest in peace Whisper and Nickleback, and four little lives.

Play in health and freedom at Rainbow Bridge.
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What a sad, sad post. RIP little ones, and what a hard thing for you to have to do, I really can't imagine having to do that, or to let people know afterwards.
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What a terrible decision to have to make. I can't imagine how you must feel after such an ordeal. And those poor little darlings; hopefully, they knew that someone cared about them and was only doing what was necessary.

If there's a better reason than this for spaying/neurtering, I'd like to know what it is.
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RIP little babies, you are special furry creatures and each one of you will be missed.
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Oh what a very, very sad and difficult decision. Heres sending lots of warm {{{{{{ vibes }}}}}} to help you feel better soon ! I really do feel a heavy heart and really admire all the hard work you do !! How on earth can we educate and get the message over once and for all to people about spay/neuter.........?? ?? Yes there are thing we can say and spread the message as much as possible but, well , you know how tought the battle is ! Lets all keep going and one day we will get there ! !

RIP kitties you were loved so much and now you can run & play with all the other kitties over the bridge
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I'm so sorry you had to make such a horrible decision How heartbreaking a thing to have to do.

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What difficult decisions to make, but at least they were done with love. Whispers and Nickleback are free now, free to play happily over Rainbow Bridge - released from a world that tragically betrayed them. And bless you in your work for caring for those cats that the rest of humanity has cast off - your courage and dedication is truly inspiring.
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I am so so sorry you have lost even more lovely babies and adults. I am with you in wishing people would SPAY AND NEUTER! Our rescue has been overrun with kittens! No matter how many we save, and speuter, it just takes a few people to allow "just one litter" to tip the balance.

Keep on doing what you are doing. You are making a difference, one kitty at a time.

Rest in peace, Whisper and Nickleback, and the four babies.
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Natalie, I am so sorry you had to make this heart breaking decision

RIP sweet babies
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Oh, Natalie, my heart goes out to you and all those poor babies They are happy now, free to run and play with the other kitties
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