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He's Home!

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Hey, so some of you know I've been wanting to adopt a black cat for a while. Went to the humane society this afternoon and someone hitched a ride home with me. Well actually, once I got him home I couldn't get him off me . His shelter name's Jovi, but I think I'll start calling him Shamisen or Shami for short. Here he is on his favorite spot.

Yep, he's rubbing my ear with his cheeks and kneading my shoulder. He seems to like to lick them too and paw through my hair.

I'm actually pretty amazed at this cat. He's so calm! I put him in the front seat of my car in a carrier on the way back and he just sat and looked out the window the whole time, and this is even with bumpy railroad crossings and fairly spirited driving. Once I got him home and out of the carrier, he was immediately on my lap purring up a storm. No "where the heck am I" darting looks and nervousness.

Here's another pic when he found his food

Apparently he doesn't like the stuff . Actually I just took the pic at a strange moment, he seems to love the Nutro Kitten Indoor I got for him, he started munching on it immediately after discovering it.

Now just waiting for him to use the bathroom, I put out a small litterbox for him, but he hasn't shown any interest so far.
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Congrats on your new baby! He is gorgeous. Happy to hear he's settling right in. Welcome home Shami!
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Wow, he certainly settled right in......what a cool cat he must be. Welcome home Shami cant wait to see more pics of your gorgeous black kitty self.
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Ahhh he's really cute, looks like a sweetie also. He kinda looks like my Ziggy girl Congrats to you both
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He is a gorgeous black kitty!!!
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Aw, Shami is just gorgeous! So jet black and shiney. He knows he's home.
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Awwww isn't he just so sweet!! That first picture of him on your shoulder is too precious for words
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He's a very handsome boy! Congratualtions!
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aww what a cutie, its so precious when they snuggle on your shoulder

Please feel free to post more photos We LOVE photos here
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Congratulations!!! My next cat might have to be a black one, they are so pretty!
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