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We will miss you Casper

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Last week my sister brought her beautiful cat Casper to the vet. It was determined he would need surgery to remove a blockage and would be at the vets for awhile. Saturday Tami went to visit him a 4 o'clock as she has everyday. He had no food no water, his bedding was soaked in urine and he was weak, dehydrated and not looking very well. She got an attendant to see to him. As she was helping him drink she noticed things were not right and requested the vet to see him. By the time the vet arrived to see him it was too late. He was dehydrated, his potassium level had plummeted and his liver had shut down and he had thrown a clot causing him to have a stroke. At 6:40pm Casper breathed his last in my sisters arms. She is devasted. She blames herself for the last hours for not insisting the vet come sooner and cannot stop crying. Casper we are so sorry. I was supposed to see you Sunday and now I must wait until I see you again.

Casper you were the light of our lives. I knew you from kittenhood. It was your example of unconditional love that had me adopting my first two kittens from the humane society when my sister moved out and took you with her. I just can't imagine life without purrs and headbutts. That came from you, Casper. May the tears I'm crying reach you at the Rainbow Bridge so that you know how much you were loved and will be missed. Casper please look down at your mother and send her some vibes. She misses you terribly.

Run free Casper, without pain and sickness at the Rainbow Bridge.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, and your family's loss.

Rest in peace and perfect health Casper.
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Oh, gosh, it must hurt to have found him like that! I must say, though, that in my years of working as a nurse, people (and animals) can choose when they die. Some wait just until the family steps out of the room. Sounds like Caspar waited for your sister to arrive.

I am very sorry to your family at the loss of Caspar. May he rest in peace!
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Oh my goodness that is so sad

The gates to Rainbow Bridge are open for you Casper, so run fast sweetie because all your new friends are waiting at the other end to take you home

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I am so sorry! RIP, sweet Casper!
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Condolences on such a tragic loss. Poor Casper - I am glad that he had his final moments in your sister's loving arms. And I am sure that unseen angel arms lifted him up, out of his pain, and the love of his family illuminated that path over Rainbow Bridge. Tricia, please tell your sister that the TCS world joins her in mourning the loss of a wonderful cat.
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My condolences to all who loved Casper

RIP Casper
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I feel terrible for you !!

I just lost my best friend Ripken (11 years old), I feel your pain.

See you at the rainbow bridge.
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Heartbroken headbuts and tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Oh I was sorry to read your post - Casper sounded a real special and much loved kitty
Your tears, thoughts and goodbyes will reach Casper - he know he was very much loved

RIP Little Casper, run over the bridge, your new fur-family is waiting for you
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I am so sorry for your loss
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