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Kneeding my face?!

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Davidson is a HUGE cuddler. He's always laying on my chest while I'm on the couch watching TV, or in bed. The thing is, that when he's laying with me, he'll cuddle right up to me, and then start kneeding my face! It doesn't feel too good, especially when those little claws come out

The only thing is, that he doesn't do this do anything else, like blankets, pillows, - nothing except my face! I'll put my hand up to his paws, so he can use my hand, but nope, he'll stop... I'll put my hand down, and he'll go for my face again!

Anyone else have cats that do this? Or is Davidson just an odd ball?
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it looks like you have a unique kitty there!
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Blow air in his face when he does it. He'll stop.
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I think Davidson is just an oddball! Lily kneads my face, she she also kneads elsewhere. I don't really have any suggestions. Unless you are willing to put something stinky that will repel him on your face, but ten you'd have to smell it, too!
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Its not so much a problem - well, except when his little claws come out, at least he's not scratching my face up!

I think Davidson's the odd ball
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He may be odd, but a cute oddball!
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Phantom likes to put her paws on my mouth as if to tell me to stop talking to her. Not so much kneading though. Both the girls like to knead my neck though.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Phantom likes to put her paws on my mouth as if to tell me to stop talking to her. Not so much kneading though. Both the girls like to knead my neck though.
Leo is my cuddle-bug, and he loves to knead my neck, too. Sometimes that moves to my face, but never anywhere else. He also likes to bury his head as far under my neck/head as he can; I've decided he must have been a "bottom row" feeder when he was a kitten!
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Cricket does the same thing! He will only knead on my neck. I have to make sure his nails are trimmed otherwise it really hurts. If I put my hand in between my neck and him, he'll stop kneading. It's so funny! He's such a little cuttlebug.
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Mooch kneads my leg mostly. She has actually bruised me before doing that! She's also gone after my tummy and chest, but not my face.
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Shami is constantly kneading me, all over. My arms, my legs, my shoulders, my kneck, my face, basically anything his little paws touch. He also has this habit of giving me kisses, like on the chin and sometimes he gets me on the mouth .
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that is funny

sometimes heyu will get on the back of my chair, and will knead my shoulder.
or lay in her bed, how i am at the computer and reach out and do that on my leg.
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Gizmo kneads my right shoulder every night before curling up next to me to go to sleep. This was painful at first but I've sort of gotten used to it. (it helps that she has no claws, but she still packs a powerful punch for such a little cat.)
When I don't want her standing on my chest with those hard little paws, I simply roll over; and if she is bad, she gets a jet of air blown in her face.
She got the message pretty quickly that 'butt in face" is not desirable. (A tap on the tail or tush was the way I got her to stop doing that.)
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