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Ear Hematoma questions

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Sasha's developed a hematoma on one of his ears. Our vet offered to drain it for almost $200, but said it was a 50/50 chance that it would just fill right back up again. She also told us they "usually" drain on their own.

Has anyone else had experience with these? Please let me know. If there is anything we can do for him, we want to know. Unfortunately, we are really strapped for cash right now, as we have had three other major vet crises since August..

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Buddy's had several hematomas, two in one ear, both needing to be lanced and drained, and one that was not blood, just fluid filled in the other ear that didn't need to be drained.

The two in one ear were actually a few months apart, so it wasn't an incident of refilling, my cat's just crazy. That ear is now crooked from the cartillage damage, but I think it's endearing on him.

In regards to the surgery, I found it was necessary. But at the same time, my vet didn't charge me nearly as much... It was very painful to the touch, and he was scratching a lot at the ear on both occations, so there was a risk of him actually popping it open (both times the hematomas were BIG and very swollen) which would have been much worse for him than the surgery itself. My vet didn't seem to be under the impression that they would drain on their own, and it was uncomfortable for the poor guy.

This is a picture of him right after the first surgery. He doesn't look very happy, but that's just becuase of the cone. The first surgery was simple and healed quickly. There was a minor infection after the second surgery, but that was easily treated as well. You can kinda see in the picture, they stitched a drain into his ear, which had to be removed at the same time as the stitches.
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MANY years ago, we had a cat with a hematoma, and the vet can drain it and put a button-like device to hold the layers of the ear together. Or at least that's how I understood it as a teenager. The only problem is if they start shaking their head if their ear feels funny, or itchy or hurts - it can open up those blood vessels again. I agree that $200 seems like an awful lot. Have you been to Golden Animal Hospital? They're a bit more rustic and large-animal, but they have really good prices and their small animal doc really knows his stuff. PM me if you want the phone number. (Of course they know my voice when I call, LOL I've been there so much!)
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