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Photos of 7 Week old

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Ok so as some of you know i was going to get a kitten because the people that had the mom could not longer keep them. He is about 90% off his mom. i say that becuase he things he needs to nurse but mom doesn't want him to/ will not let him. he is eating soild foods, and drinking water. I picked him up today and he is in my bedroom meowing/crying for me to come back.He has been drinking, and eating since i have had him here, but still has not used the litter box. So to my questions and photos

The humans i got him from were feeding him meow mix. which from what i heard is as good for him as eating cardboard. So my vet was saying use either Sience Diet or Royal Canin. Have any of you used either one, and what would you say to feed him. i know that i need to mix in the new stuff slowly and plan on doing that but first i want a good food to give him. Second how long should it take before he uses the bathroom. i put him in there after play and food, but nothing. (he is litter trained), Lastly any idea on what breed/breeds he is... they dont know what the mother is, and think there were too dads. (there were this one, then a black one that look alike, and then 2 short hair tigger striped)

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He is sooo adorable. I want to get a kitten, but that wont be happening anytime soon.
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What a cutie! I love the white markings around his eyes. And those last two pictures with his back legs sticking out are great!

What is his name?
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He's so cute! He looks like he's the same shade of grey as our Lex.
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He's a blue tabby with white domestic longhair. No particular breed.

As far as the food - get a top quality kitten food, Iams, Nurtro Max, Royal Cain. I know that you should gradually change the food, but IMO if the kitten is eating Meow Mix I would NOT mix the two - I'd just take him off the Meow Mix and throw it all away - its total junk food!

Sometimes it takes a few days of change to use the pan. Be sure the kitten is not going somewhere else in the house. I'd confine him if not supervised to the bathroom or one room so you can monitor the litter pan habits.

And you might even want to feed him a little kitten canned food rather then the dry food at his age.
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Awww what a cute freakin baby!
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He's very cute!

At this point, he's still a touch young to be away from mom. Maybe invest in a SnuggleKitty or, better yet, get another kitten. Often, kittens will become mal-adjusted when deprived of stimulation at this age and they need CONSTANT supervision and stimulation! Short of that, make sure you or someone can be home at all times...if these little ones get bored they can become too curious or often destructive and/or aggressive.

He's a gooorrgeou kitten...looks suspiciously fluffy and is probably a long hair blue tabby with white

As far as food, I really like Evanger's, Wellness, Felidae, Artemis, Eagle Pack and Nature's Variety. Other goog foods include Nutro and Royal Canin...I personally wouldn't waste my money on Iams or Science Diet...they are a complete ripoff.
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thank you for all your nice words. he is way fluffy and super soft. thanks for the blue tabby info as well.

as far as the food, is it best to just slowly mix the good new stuff with the bad or just take him off the bad and start fress... i was told if you dont mix it will give him tummy problmes and runny poos... and with him not using the litter box right now i dont think that would be a good idea.

hang on he is climbing the baby gate.... ok thats better. his name is GIZMO We got it from the movie Gremlins...
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Well last night we got 2 sets of poo and pee in the litter box so thats all good. now we just need him to stop crying. last night we had him set up in our bathroom, but he was crying all night long. we are thinking about putting him in our room but we sleep with a fan going because it gets hot in our room, and i'm worried that he would get to cold. maybe i am worring about nothing. the other problem we have is our other cat.

for the first year of her life she lived with her sister. then i took her, and so for the last 5-6 months has been an only cat. when ever they get close the big one always hisses at him, and then today she tryed to bat at him because he was smelling her. what can we do to help them get along?

ps: we have noticed a lot of eye and nose discharge in the new kitten and he sneezes all the time. in about 1-2 weeks we are taking him to get his shots, is this something that can wait tell then or do we need him looked at now? if he is sick can this be passed on to my other cat (she is up to date on her shots)
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it might be cat flu , do you know if the mother was uptodate with her shot's? cat flu isn't serious if delt with quickly but can sometime's be fatel in young kitten's so if there is anyway you can take him to the vet as soon as possible just to be on the safe side , good luck and glad to hear he is settleing in with your other cat i wouldn't worry to much at this stage it will happen but over time should get better with the food i would alway's recomend changing gradley (sorry about the spelling) but there are more experinced people on this fourm so don't only take my word for it hope he is ok
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