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Can't find her anywhere

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I just got home from going shopping and to dinner with my mom and my sister and my sister wanted to see Zebra. I searched the house top to bottom about 5 times and I can't find her anywhere. I looked under everything, in everything....and I still can't find her. I hope she is ok. I hope shes just hiding somewhere and I missed that spot. I am the type of person who immediately thinks something bad has happened.
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Is she indoor only? If so, i'm sure she's just hiding in a really cozy spot somewhere in your house asleep. She will come out when she gets hungry ....maybe heat some really smelly fish like Tuna in the microwave for her..i'm sure when she hears the microwave go off and smells the tuna she'll come out
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Yeah she is indoor only. She just came out. I have no idea where she was but she just walked into the room. She looks tired so maybe she was just fast asleep.
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Yea! Glad she came out to see you
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She sat on me and purred for a few minutes and then went on top of the monitor and went to sleep. The only thing that confuses me is, her paws/nose/ears were freezing cold. There is only one cold room in this house and she wasn't in there because I checked there twice. I thought I checked all the windows too but maybe I missed one and she was asleep up against the window.
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Geesh, don't they know they scare the heck out of us when they do that?!
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H&D do that to me ALL THE TIME! Drives me nuts - and we only live in a 1 bedroom apartment, but they find all the tiny places to hide!

All I have to do is open their treat container, and they come running

Glad you found her!
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Glad she was just in a super secret hiding spot! Ophelia has a bunch of those. She's so good at hiding, it's ridiculous. But actually, that's how we got Trent - Earl was so sure that she had gotten out and found her mother-cat (she was only ~6 weeks old), that we ended up bringing home another kitten since we had spent so much on kitten supplies, and we already missed her. Well, she hadn't gotten out - she just found a great hiding spot, even though he swore that he had looked there many times during the day.
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Sounds to me like they figured out if they hide they get treats.
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Glad she came out. I live in an apartment so there shouldn't be that many places to go but my kitty finds them. I can't tell you the number of times I have been going around turning on lights calling for her getting frantic only have her saunter up behind me, meow, and scare me half to death. If I don't see her for awhile I always go looking just to make sure she hasn't gotten into something she shouldn't.

It is all part of having a cat I guess.
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I'm so glad she found you!!! I can imagine how scared you were.
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Yeah I was scared. Especially because our fireplace is kind of taken apart right now so I thought maybe she climbed up the chimney or something. This house is huge too so there is so many places she could have been hiding. She could have been in my room, one of the 2 computer rooms, a spare room, my boyfriends moms room, the living room, dining room, kitchen, sunroom, laundry room, bathroom, furance room, in a closet (you just push on the doors and they move enough for a cat to get in) or just hiding under something in the hall....but I will never know. I even looked in the breezeway and the garage and around outside.
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