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We have contact!

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Not sure how I did it. Then again maybe it wasn't me!

After losing Brady (my newly adopted semi-freal), having him on the loose for a month, trapping him and keeping him locked away in a spare bedroom for almost a month, my next task (after getting him to the vet) was to get cat and dogs to like each other. Zircon (white dog) and Sophia (red dog) both like cats. Brady liked dogs at his foster home, but he has been alittle skittish here.

He has stopped being skittish. What helped turn the trick was Land o Lakes American singles. A morsel for Brady, a morsel for Zircon, a morsel for Sophia. All within my arm's reach. But doggies were just outside the door and cat was inside.

But Sophia was too funny. Either she really wanted to make friends with the little guy or she was jealous of the attention he was getting. So yesterday she was doing something like that game "1-2-3 red light". She is not the most graceful doggy in the world, but somehow she managed to be 2" closer to me and Brady every time I looked at her. And she was very stealthy about it. A couple of times she got hissed at for her troubles. But she instinctively looked to the side, (turning the other cheek?) avoiding eye contact with the scared male cat. Sophia I might add is very submissive and a very sweet natured dog.

Well it paid off. They made nose contact, Brady sniffed a paw, and Sophia even got a little butt sniff in. Look carefully at the first picture and you will see Zircon still out in the hallway. He would also like to be friends with Brady, but is not willing to put THAT much effort into it!

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OOOOOOO! How sweet is that!?! Fantastic news!
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Lovely pictures. It sounds like he is settleing just in fine now.
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I know you!

I'm Cash and LT's mom... you hang out on idog or DA sometimes, right?

Small internet world!
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Well hey, I remember you!
I no longer hang out on either one of those dog boards. I am now at dogforum.org, looking for the perfect forum. I wish THIS forum were about dogs, the members are really reasonable!
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I just LOVE that Sophie is looking to bridge the gap! What a sweetheart! Mr. Brady is coming around, alright! I'm so glad that the cheese did the trick for you - I feel like I helped!!!
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Gingersmom you DID help!

We had one small problem with Sophia being friendly. When she gets excited she GRRROWLS. I have seen a few Goldens do that-pretty scary until you realize that is a 'happy' noise. (Also makes you wonder what they do when they are angry!). So Sophia started in with her WOO WOO GRRR and scared the heck out of Brady. Oh well, I am hoping he will get used to it like we did.
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