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I finally gave up...

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on getting a Dyson I have been holding out waiting for my fiance to agree that $400 isn't too much for a vacuum when we only have 3 rooms of carpet. A year has passed and I have made no progress and decided it was time to move on. I went to Target and bought a Eureka bagless. It worked so well! I had an old Hoover that we bought from Walmart like 7 years ago. It ovbiously wasn't cleaning well because I sucked up enough stuff with my new vacuum to create a new Dori and half a Brody! Really, it was enough stuff to fill one of those small size bathroom trash cans. I am so glad I went out and did that today!
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Lucky you!
i miss my Dirty Devil vaccum cleaner! it was bagless and worked so well!
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I just can't believe there was so much trapped in my carpets! Yuck!
It worked well on the wood floors as also. When you walked behind my old vacuum you could feel things shoot out and hit your feet when you were using it There was none of that with this thing. It also has an electrostatic duster that was perfect for cleaning the ceiling fans and a little tool for cleaning the furniture. I would recommend it to anyone, and it was very affordable at $89.
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I need a vacuum too..thinking of getting a Bissell, they do have good reviews!
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Wow! I didn't realize a Dyson cost that much!! I guess I won't be getting one either! I have a bag less and actually I love it. I don't think I could go back to a vacuum with a bag!
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I have a Kirby and I could care less about having it or not.My SIL swears by hers.
May have to look into one of these.
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I almost broke down and got a Dyson Animal when Home Depot had them for "only" $350. Our Hoover bagless does such a good job though compared to our old vacuum that we don't need to step up. Besdies, we keep meaning to put in hardwood floors!
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We just got a new vacuum last week and its crazy the amount of cat fur an old vacuum misses.
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I remember when I got my vacuum, which was the first bagless one I got, and they had just come on the market. I had a small one bedroom apartment, and I had to empty the canister three times! I guess my old vacuum wasn't up to the task Now I have hardwood floors, and only use my vacuum on an area rug. I wouldn't even be able to talk myself into a dyson!
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i got my Dyson on ebay lol for a very low price and it works great. but many others swear by other bagless's as well we vac every day..and bleck we pull up stuff, lol usually is Athena hair..cause she loves to shed.
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It's so scary when you actually find a hoover that 'sucks'!

I bought my bagless 'non known brand' hoover a while ago and was shocked about how much hair was actually being stored in the rug! It actually made me realise that the rug is blue!

I even took a picture, of the canister, after doing the rug to send to my Mum (who has a Dyson Animal and no pets! )
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I just can't get into shopping on eBay... especially with something electronic. I am too worried about not having a warranty, or being told it has a warranty and then finding out the company won't honor it because I am not the original owner.

I accidently ran over my fiance's phone charger with the vacuum yesterday. It was plugged into the wall, and the cord was against the wall. I didn't expect it to suck it up.. but with my old one if I ever acidentally ran over a cord, I could just pull it right back out. Not with this one, it completely tore the cord up and shredded the wires
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