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q about 9 week old kitten's help advise

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right my kitten's are now 9 week's old had there first vac's wormer's and flee treatment the problem i am having is when they play with one another they are getting very rough with each other is this normal ? i mean they cry out in pain , even when they attack there mum she sometime's cry's out and only once have i seen her slap them lol but it's getting worrying now as sson as there awake or not feeding there at each other's throat , when i took on 2 4 week old kitten's they did not play like this anything i can do to clam them down ? they have a 3 tier scratch post with three shelve's and a bed , they have a bed next to it they have separte bowl's 3 cat box's between them ( i have older cat's in the house hold) they have mice ball's dangly thing's and load's more they are getting to the point where they scratch each other is this normal ? and are wet around the neck after no blood as yet
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people are looking at this thread but no one is replying , am i just being silly about this hole thing and there's nothing to worry about ? if so please tell me your view's lol going mad
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Yeah i guess that would be normal if the mom's not really scolding them. I know that kittens can be really rough on each other at that age and theyre finding out how much thier siblings will tolerate and what they can do. Also if they were in the wild they would be practicing for finding out who's going to be the top cat, and as long as theres no blood it should be fine. My kittens would play fight all the time. And yeah, you said they all have thier own bowls and stuff so it isnt a personal space thing. Also the crying out in pain may just be a play threat.
Well dont take my word on it im just trying to help some.
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My kittens are 11 weeks now and have been doing the same thing for awhile now, mainly the 2 males! I hear crying all the time and they chase each other then when they are tired, they lay down together and sleep....
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thanx for the reply's it is my male who is the bully of them all the other 2 are female's and he will alway's be fighting with one and yes they all lay down together after and fall alseep so glad i know it isn't just me lol he will be going in around 2 week's so i'm hoping he will be ok but i have made sure his new owner ( my sister) has everything for him she's bringing him back here to have his second injection as i said i would do this as the time when they do them she is at work but i'm glad i said i would keep the other 2 as he is the bully it may cause problem's and where my vet does not spay untill 6 month's old as a lot of vet's in london are the same , least i will know no accident's can happen
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It sounds like they're doing normal play fighting (I know other posters have said this, but just another person to calm your nerves!), so don't worry too much. Kittens rarely hurt eachother during their play fighting! Also, if there was a distinct runt in the litter, watch him/her, they're usually the ones to start the fights!
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lol he is the bigest of the 3 who is starting and he was last born but first to do most thing's
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