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Christmas tree solution for me

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Last year Missy who was four months old at christmas time, thouth the tree had been put up just for her.. Missy is the first kitten/cat Ive had in 60 years. to say she is spoiled is just plain the TRUTH.. she is.. I have loved my decorating for Christmas and have put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving for many years now.. but after last year. the strain of keeping her out of the tree. since she loved climbing it, I tried everything. the NO in a loud voice. the spraying with water, nothing worked.. oh she might get out of it right then. but the minute my back was turned or i went to bed she was back in it.. Since like i said i decorate big time for Christmas. (well i did) anyhow. i 've decided not to put up a tree this year. but what i plan to do it to get a real balsam wreath and put my most favorite ornaments on it and hang it high enough that when she stands on the back of the couch she cant reach it but i can see it and have the balsam smell in the house. Heck i may get a couple of them.. Now that i think about it. i think i will. i can put lights on them too..
Just wanted to let others who have the problem of christmas tree climbers,the idea of the real wreath..
Oh i forgot to say my tree i USE to put up was a fake tree. I am really looking forward to my tree wreaths..
Now if i could only figure out how to display the train i use to put around the tree. i have to think on that one. Yes it was a train that moved, and she really loved it too.. I would find cars all over the house where she had taken them during the night.. it is an HO gauge train. any ideas for it???
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A plastic dome sold by garden centers to use over your cellar windows either as a greenhouse, or just to keep out rain? Or some kind of plastic tunnel thing.. maybe you have a creative friend who can rig something up for you?
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No brilliant ideas here, just serious empathy for your situation. Lilly was always up in my Christmas tree last year (also a fake tree), and my boyfriend was just asking me yesterday what I was going to do this year with 2 cats now. He was suggesting I just put up a wreath, but I *really* want to have a tree up.

I'll need to go searching through old threads for ideas on keeping the cats out. I used bitter spray last year, which didn't help at all. I just don't want to get home from work one day and find the tree toppled and broken ornaments everywhere!
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I have an idea for your tree.. If I had any space I would do this.. Get one of the half trees.. you hang it on your wall. and decorate it.. i dont know if your two would try to climb it or not.. I think mine would try but when she found out she didnt have the same limbs to be on she might stop. it would be worth a try.. Like i said if I had any room i would give it a try myself.. So i will stick with the wreath...
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As I mentioned in the other post on Christmas trees, oranges worked for me! It doesn't work on all cats, but a lot of cats HATE the smell of citrus. For my previous cat (who was VERY interested in the tree) all I had to do was cut X's in a few oranges and place them around the base of the tree, and she totally left it alone after that every year.
Unfortunately my current cat does not dislike citrus at all, but luckily she's too lazy to think of bothering the tree.

One other thing-- the water sitting in the tree base for a live tree is poisonous to cats and dogs. If you have a live tree make sure you cover it somehow! What I do is put the netting that the trees are usually put in when you transport them home over the water reservoir, that way I can still pour water in but they can't drink it.
The evergreen needles can also be harmful if swallowed.
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Oranges? This is definitely a trick worth trying. I've been worried about how I was going to keep Anya out of our Christmas tree. I plan on searching the forum archives for some other ideas too. I just love Christmas and having a tree way too much to just put up wreaths.
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