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Dmv Records On-line?!

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I am REALLY concerned about this!!!!!

Did you know that you can see anyone's drivers license using
the internet, including your own? It's an American based
site, but it also links into Canada.

I just searched for my license, and there it was, picture
and all. Where it asks what state - put your city and
province. This was something I didn't know you could do.
I'm not sure I like this info out there for anyone to

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I was horrified to find myself there, especially since I was having such a bad hair day when I had that picture taken. In fact, I'm pretty embarrassed that that picture is there for all to see!
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Sly ones, aren't they! I just didn't think that was possible.
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I can't believe I fell for that
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Evil! Funny, but evil none the less.
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Is it the monkey picture?

:LOL: It says I'm restricted to a tricycle only and that the color of my eyes are bloodshot! I think I look pretty darn cute, too, lol. Has anyone seen the one for the hospital one yet?
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I remember when I got this in an e-mail once, and at first I was pretty unhappy that just anybody could see my drivers license, until I checked it out!!! Too funny!!! :laughing:
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:LOL: Count me as another SUCKER for this one! I was going to look up mine, hubby's and some of my family's. :LOL:
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LMAO! Gah... I wanted to see some of my teachers' licenses, lol.
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