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2 cats too much to handle

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On the recommendations of many people I went ahead and got a second cat. I was worried that my first cat was getting lonely all by herself all day. Now that I have 2, both over 1 year, I'm finding it alittle much too handle.
Trying to study while one cat climbing all over things is bad enough. Two cats in the bed is also a little much.
The cats have been together for about a month and a half now and tolerate each other (play occasionally) but they certainly aren't very attached to one another. Anyways, anyone have a negative experience with the second cat?

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I got a second cat when Chynna was 6 years old. Abby came to us when she was 4 months. They tolerate one another but don't really play together. I'm their mom and their source of entertainment. However, I do notice that they seem to "like" each other at least sometimes because I do see Abby wanting to be in the same area as Chynna and will sneak up and get within 6 inches of her when she's sleeping and lay down.

Just like having kids, it's a bit of a juggle to make sure they each get equal attention. And just like kids, they don't always want the attention from each other.

I'm sorry you are having a hard time adjusting to 2 kitties, but it hasn't been that long and they are still probably getting settled in and adjusting to having a 'sibling'.
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Oh yes! Pandi, god bless her, I adopted when she was 6 weeks while I had Chleo, she was about 15. We lost Chleo within that year and I tried adopting another kitten a year later..............she would'nt even talk to me! So mad at me and miserable I gave the kitten away to a friend and then she was happy. Then again Chleo was not having any body, forget her geting along with a boyfriend! Very protective of me and wanted my full attention! Loved her for it, though I was probably the only one!
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When we got Buffy (as a 4 week old orphan), Willow hated her. For about a week. Then they were the best of friends. Naturally I figured the same would happen when we found Molly lost on the streets as a 5-6 month old. Nope. Not the same situation. Molly's been here for a year now and Buffy still hates her guts (uses any excuse possible to give Molly a thrashing, though Molly's starting to stand up for herself which is driving Buffy INSANE). Willow, the one I expected to take Molly under her wing, still doesn't love her but she tolerates her, and they occationally sleep together. Once in a blue moon they'll even play together.

Good thing I have a dog that loves cats, otherwise Molly would die of boredom, lol
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It took a while for my two to get along at all, even though they were just kittens when I introduced them. Bella was probably three months and Rowan about 7 weeks, and Bella smacked my poor baby boy around every chance she got for a couple weeks. They're the best of friends now, even though their favorite games are chase and pounce. They sleep together (and with me, which admittedly does leave little room for tossing and turning), eat together, play together... and have little spats about who gets to clean the others' face first. Absolutely adorable.

I hear from my neighbors (oldies who feed our stray colony) that it's pretty rare for housecats to have strong bonds with each other, though. Something about bonding with the human first, and that bond messing up kitty-style relationships.
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We had Anabel for over two years before we adopted PollyAnna. Like you, I wanted her to have a "sister kitty". Well, it took quite a while for them to even tolerate eachother! I was a little worried about them but determined not to give up. I don't know what they worked out with one another, but one day they just "clicked" with eachother. And now they're inseperable. We've had Polly since July, so it's been, what, three months. Polly had to spend this week at the vet's office (roundworms) and Anabel was truly upset. She took to hording Polly's toys into a pile and sleeping on the pile. Don't give up hope on your kitties They may come around!
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