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Brushing Missy's fur is a fight

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Missy is about a year old now, I've had her since she was three months old. and have been trying to convince her that having her fur brushed is a nice pleasant thing,, But she thinks its time to put on the gloves and fight.. IShe is a long hair Maine Coon and the most i can get is maybe three or four times with the brush on her back. I've tried all i can think of to make it nice for her. I even get her high on Cat nip and then try to brush. thats when i can get four times with the brush.. Is there a secret on how to get these babies to like being brushed or at lest tolerate it? I need help.. She is a little fiesty but she is still my pride and joy and she knows she rules the roost.
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Gizmo loves being brushed with the Zoom Groom. She barely tolerated brushes and hated slickers.

The zoom groom may not work with the long haired main coon cat, but it's worth a try.
Gizmo actually purrs when she is brushed with it.
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Thank you for the suggestion.. I will try it.. Is that the brand name will Petsmartor petco have it? Is it like a glove? I forgot to mention that Missy doesnt even like to be petted. once in a while she takes pity on me and lets me love on her. But it is a rare thing.. she likes being in the room with us but wont get in my lap or act like other cats.. but I still have hpe that some day she will. For now i am happy to get on the floor and play with her, and play with the cat dancer with her.. like i said before she rules the roost. and im her puppet.. lol
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There are some other posts on this forum about long hair cats and you might do better with an ordinary comb for the belly hair. The Zoom Groom is a rubber thing shaped like a cat. It has large cone shaped teeth loosely spaced on the other side and uses electrostatic action to get the loose hair off the cat. It may not work as well on a longhair and it certainly wouldn't untie knots in the fur.
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A lot of people like the zoom groom. I haven't had much luck with it and my Persians don't care for it. But it's worth a try. It will remove some of the dead hair. I get more out with a comb and as Gizmocat said, the comb will get out more of the hair that is starting to stick together (that ultimately forms the mats).
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