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Can I have some vibes for my boy?

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I noticed something strange on Sleeves's bottom lip the other day and have been keeping an eye on it. Today it looks like it has spread. It's dark, and kind of looks like blackheads. On closer inspection this afternoon I've noticed a few spots on and inside his nose and on the other side of his mouth.
On discussion with Susie (kittylover4ever) I think it might be acne
I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow to take him to the vet in the evening if I can get in
I know it's not hugely serious but you all know what it's like when one of your fur babies isn't in full health
Could you all send vibes for my baby boy as he hates going to the vet, although he is really well behaved when he's there - more out of fear I think
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Fingers crossed.
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Hi there,

Here are some simple things you can do for feline acne.
Get a stainless steel bowl. Ceramic and plastic can develop scratches and cracks that breed bacteria.
Wash the bowl every day when you feed him.

Your vet will probably give you a topical creme to put on his blackheads. You should also be advised to heat a warm cloth and hold it to his chin to open the pores.

Gizmo's acne disappeared when I did all these things. So even if your boy hates the vet, he won't have any invasive stuff done, and he should be better very soon.

Gizmo and gizmosmom
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Thankyou Gizmosmom. I actually bought stainless steel bowls a couple of months ago after hearing about the problems with plastic bowls. I suppose there are other factors which contribute to feline acne, Im just not sure what they are but I'm sure I'll fine out.
The warm cloth thing makes sense. I'm sure he'll be absolutely fine at the vet, he always behaves perfectly, he's just pretty scared.
I'm sure everything will be fine
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Yes, this is a minor inconvenience, not a really serious problem. Like human acne, it's more cosmetic than anything else and can be cured by diet and some medication.
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Vibes on their way over. I've had this problem with three cats and have found Stridex pads work well. Easy to apply. Sleeves will be fine even when Nismo teases him.
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Haha I'm sure she'll be making the odd joke about her 'adolescent' brother
I was thinking, maybe I should take Nismo to the vet at the same time? Since her mouth is dark I can't see if she's having the same problem. What do you think?
P.S What are stridex? Is it something for human acne?
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Sorry, hard to type one handed with Lucy crawling all over me. Yes - it is a human acne preparation. Make sure your vet is comfortable with it.
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Oh no Lauren, poor Sleeves..Sending lots of vibes that everything will be alright
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I know that you can't hope but worry.
Lots of calming vibes on the way.
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Sending many good vibes for Sleeves
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Sending many good vibes to you and Sleeves
Lets hope it gets cleared up quickly!
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I've just seen this, Lauren!

Many Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading to your sweet boy Sleeves!

When is your appointment? I hope Nismo is okay too!
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Thanks Sar
I managed to get him an appointment today at 5.30pm so I'll have to leave work a little early to dash home and pick him up.
I didn't ask about Nismo. I had a look at her chin this morning and it seems absolutely fine, but I will keep an eye on it anyway.
I'm sure everything will be fine and he will be ok I just hate making them go to the vet
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Awww, poor sausage! I'm sure the visit will go well and Sleeves will be all better soon!

I'm pleased that Nismo has no sign of anything too!
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Awww bless his little heart It sounds like he has those horrible teenage zits doesn't it

(((((Healthy vibes))))) coming Sleeves way.
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Just now seeing this. Sending lots of vibes for sweet Sleeves!
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Thankyou Eileen
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We're home
The vet was really pleased we had got this before it got any worse
Thankfully it's not bad enough to need antibiotics, but she did explain how it could go if not treated properly now
She gave me special soap to wash his chin and nose with so when he gets a bit sleepier later, I'll sneak up on him and see how well I do with that!!
Thanks for all your vibes He was so well behaved for her
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I'm just catching up here, Lauren, and am glad to hear that Sleeves doesn't have a serious case. Good luck with the soap!
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Originally Posted by Pombina View Post
On discussion with Susie (kittylover4ever) I think it might be acne
Pixel's acne has gotten much better [fewer eruptions] since i switched to saucers instead of bowls.
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I'm just seeing this Lauren. I'm glad that Sleeves made out well.
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I am glad it is nothing serious!!
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Cathcing up on this-good to read nothing too major-Grizzly has had this in the past also-my vet said to wash her chin using a cotton ball (or whatever they are called by you!!)
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I'm pleased it's not a serious case, Lauren!

How did you do with Sleeves' chin and nose bathing?
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I'm glad sleeves didn't have anything too serious. I always panic when I see someone else has a cat with "spots" on their nose and chin just because of what I went through with Jake. Sleeves is lucky that you were willing to take him to the vet right away!
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Thanks everyone Oh not taking him to the vet was not an option. I knew something wasn't right so it is my duty as his Mummy to get him the best care possible
Sarah I am having a bit of a nightmare washing his chin The soap smells so strong that he runs a mile when I put it in front of his face.
I'm doing my best by trapping him between my legs and holding his face with one hand, rubbing with the other (picture the scene ) but it's hard to hold him for too long as I don't want to hurt him.
It will be easier when I have Mark to help me after tomorrow
It's not getting any worse at the moment though
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Oh I can just picture it now! It is funny how they manage to always give us the most potent smelling things to put on our kitties!

I'm sure with Mark lending a helping hand, things will be a lot more painless! Great to hear that it isn't getting any worse - that's a great sign that you're managing to wrestle some of the soap onto him!
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I'm glad it wasn't anything serious and it can be cleared up "fairly" easy.Holding a cat/kitten down is NEVER easy.
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