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Bathing, Brushing, & Litter Box

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My cat is 3 months old, should I even bath him yet or get him groomed, what's the standards? How often should I brush him, if any? Also, I clean the litter box everyday, but how often should the litter be changed?
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I think cats are pretty clean animals, and unless their coat is pretty dirty or they have rolled in something innapropriate then they shouldnt be bathed. If your cat is nice and clean and he has no fleas then I wouldnt bathe him.

Also, is he a long haired? You can help him out by brushing him, also start to work with his paws, so when you need to clip he will let you. Rub him ears, his belly, look into ears so he gets used to having someone examined, and if you have to take him to the vets he wont put up a fight.

As for the litter box, I clean it out 2-3 times a day, usually right after she has used it (I am VERY picky). I use a good clumping litter and every once in a while if you see the box getting empy add some more litter. The litter should be at least 3 inches deep, because even with a good clumping litter if its too shallow the urine will run to the bottom. I plan on changing Ceci's litter about once a month, when I run out.

Good luck
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3 months is certainly old enough to start bathing if you plan on that being a regular thing for your cat. If your cat is short hair, you may never have to bathe him unless he gets into something nasty. If he is long haired, bathing occassionally (every 1-2 months) does help to get out more dead hair and keeps the coat nice and silky so that it's easier to brush and comb. Combs work better for long haired cats. The most important thing for a long haired cat is the brushing/combing. One of my persian's always has a soft silky coat and doesn't get a lot of mats so I rarely have to bathe her. One of my males, I have to bathe regularly as his coat gets greasy on his belly and chest. It just depends on the cat.

Litter pans, I scoop at least once a day and totally clean them out about once a month.
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