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Introducing Sockmonkey (Name Pending)...To Pudge.

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Yep. You probably pegged it long ago, but I've decided to keep her. She's so much like Pudge that it's almost frightening. (I will be making a thread in furpics very soon for you photo-hungry people. )

I knew in my gut that they'd get along, so I just completely skipped the smell swap and everything, and "oops! I opened the door to the foster room and now there's a kitten on the loose! I guess I'll get that taken care of sometime. " 'd her into the house.

There was exactly one hiss when she frightened Pudge by running around a corner and then...cat coexistence. Neither of them seeks much attention from other cats (which is a bit strange to me in a kitten), neither gets jealous when the other is petted, and no one hogs/hides the toys, and no one gets chased away from the litterbox.

They both would rather amuse themselves with random objects than pester each other for playtime, although they seem to like patting each other out like little fires if there's a curtain or cardboard box involved.

The only true difference between them is that Sock's a bit bolder than Pudge and seeks human affection more.

I don't expect to see them wrapped around each other, but I'd be surprised to hear a fight, as they're fairly indifferent toward each other.

I hope that bf's kitten (who will be added in a few months) gets along this well with them.
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Congrats!!! Isn't it amazing when they get along right away?
There was a couple of hisses from Lilly with Sapphire and Mia and now they are all great around each other...............Blaze on the other hand, is a grouchy thing.
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