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Many Thanks

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I just wanted to sy thank you to all the great people on this board.

When I knew I was getting the new addition Jinxy the 1st thing I did was check all the advise here about introducing cats and made sure I follow it.

Now after a couple of busy and sometimes stressful week Corky and Jinxy are getting on fantastic. The change in Jinxy was amazing she has tuened from a hissing puffed up kitty as sson as ahe saw Corkey to chasing around the house with her and having a look of bliss on her face when Corky grooms her. There is still the occasional squeal when the play gets a bit roughth but apart from that everyhting is good. It certainly wouldn't have been like this if I didnt have such good advise to follow.

One amusing incident so far is when Jinxy decided to start climbing up the curtains, she hadnt got far when I said NO! when Corky comes running over and pulls her off them for me, clearly Corky is a clever kitty

I should hopefully get some pictures soon once my friend comes and visits with his digital camera, so I am looking forward to showing my babies off

Once again thanks

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I am so glad to hear everything is going so well with the new kitty! That is great!
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I am so glad you told us of your success! We usually only hear from folks who are not having luck, so hearing your success story made my day!
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That is fantastic news. I anxiously await the pictures. I can just see the curtain incident in my head!
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Excellent stuff Wibble!

You obviously have a pair of very well adjusted kitties.

Great to hear everything is rocking!
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So happy to hear that your 'kids' are bonding & getting along so well.

Betty M
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Oh this just makes my day!

Continued best of luck,

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