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Have you used Feliway? Please share!

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I'm about to order some Feliway diffusers, but first...

1) Can you smell it? I really don't want my house to have a weird smell, and I've got a very good sense of smell.

2) Does it work? We don't have a urination problem, it's to calm Sparkle who doesn't get along with Lily. My husband is extremely skeptical about this product.

I'd appreciate any responses about your experiences. Thanks in advance!

Cheers, from

p.s. What about Dr Petals' Elixirs?
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I used it when I put Brady in his 'maximum security prison' and wanted him to be relieved of some of his fear. I did not smell it, and my sense of smell is ok. There was a gal somewhere on these forums who claimed that it smelled like burning plastic, but that had to have been a defective one!

I honestly don't think it made a huge difference in my case, but so many people have had success with it that I am not about to say it is not effective.

One thing I definitely did not like-mine dribbled the stuff. The outlet is just above a ncie wooden ledge that goes 3/4 way around the room, so I put a couple of kleenex under it.
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I've used it, and never smelled anything.

I got some initially for Cindy when we first got her, because she was hiding under the bed and frightened. It could be just coincidence, but I don't think so, as soon as I plugged it in, she came out from under the bed and became part of the family. Most recently, I plugged a couple in because she was acting a little freaky, nvervous, when I got back from 8 days away (husband was here with her). She calmed right down.

I understand they don't work for all cats, but I do think it's worth a try.
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I tried it on Gizmo when I had to go out of town for five days.

She had neighbours coming in to play with her and change her box and feed her, but i figured that it would get her through a lonely night or three.

To tell the truth, you can't prove a negative...Gizmo did not pee anywhere she shouldn't or make a mess, but I can't prove that it was due to Feliway.

I'd use it again.
I also did not smell it.
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I LOVE feliway. I have them plugged in all over the house and I can't smell a thing, which is saying alot, because my husband says I can smell a fly fart from three miles away! We just got a new kitty that was going to be put to sleep because of marking. As soon as we got her, she started peeing in the sink. As soon as I plugged in the diffusers all of that stopped. I'm planning on using them for several months and then unplugging them to see if she starts marking again. Let me tell you, these things have been lifesavers for me!
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We plugged in our first Feliway when we had a long weekend away because Lily was such a scaredy cat, and was so shy.

Since then she's come out of her shell a lot more, and seems a lot more relaxed. She comes out and plays when we have people over now but she still won't let them pat her while she's playing, although if we're all watching a movie, she'll sit up on the couch behind them and let them pat her there.

She's also a lot more relaxed about DH picking her up and cuddling her. She's still a very shy cat but has improved since we plugged the Feliway in. I can't say it is definitely because of the Feliway - but I know if nothing else it has been a huge help!
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I keep one plugged in all the time for one of my cats who is a nervous type. He didn't show it so much in behavior but in reoccurring digestive problems that were bad enough to take him to the vet for fluids and antibiotics because of dehydration. I even took him to a feline specialist and he was diagnosed with episodes of pancreatitis or IBD. I had spent at least $2,000 on extra vet bills including staying at the vets twice on an I.V. Someone at work said that it sounded like stress to her. The next time he got sick I went out and bought a Feliway diffuser and started using it early in the afternoon. By that evening he was eating again and within a couple of days he was completely normal again. They don't work for all cats but it definitely made all the difference for my nervous type cat.
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What is the purpose of Feliway and where can I buy it? I think this would be a good option to try with Ceci, because she is so shy and is still adjusting to her new home.
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Abby is a VERY nervous cat, and is prone to pulling out her fur when very stressed. We normally come back from a weekend away and find fur clumps around the house, and many bare patches on her back. The past few times we have gone away, I have plugged in a Feliway diffuser. Every time we have come back to miminal fur clumps around the house. Obviously I can't say for sure that the Feliway is the reason, but I plan to keep using it.
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I use the feliway spray and love it. I don't have pee problems but I two very nervous kitties and it helps to keep them calm. I normally spray it down low around the house twice a week. I've never noticed a smell but I don't have a good sniffer.

I do plan on buying the plug ins while we are gone for Thanksgiving. I have a pet sitter coming and I think it will help keep things calm.
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Originally Posted by JulieKit View Post
What is the purpose of Feliway and where can I buy it? I think this would be a good option to try with Ceci, because she is so shy and is still adjusting to her new home.
I replied in your thread in the behaviro forum if you haven't seen it already.

I plugged in Feliway when Ophelia had crystals & was spraying. IMO, it worked. Although, she was being treated at the time, so it's hard to tell if it was the Feliway on the meds.

However, Feliway made her transition to a pet from a feral much easier. She lost a lot of her aggressive tendencies(note-not all of them) when the diffuser was plugged in. She has not regained those tendencies she lost now, despite the fact that I no longer have a diffuser plugged in.
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What about the range of feliway? Can you plug one in the hallway and expect it to still have some effect at the opposite end of the house? I'm considering getting one but I wonder if I should get multiples (one for my room, the "Social Center" lol, and one of the hallway or living room. Possibly one for the downstairs too, though the cats aren't down there as much as they are upstairs)
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I thought I read on the package that it is good for 650 sq ft. I threw away the package and can't find that info online now. I did find it in metric
and 70 sq m is about 650 sq ft.
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Im thinking of getting Feliway for my cat, we just moved and shes been meowing and acting like a spaz lately!

But can you get it in Canada?
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Thanks everyone, for your replies!

After Sparkle spent the entire night last night outside in the pouring rain, and I was up every hour calling her, and up at 5:00 this morning looking for her, I went to our vet this morning to see what she thinks about Feliway. I was told they use it there for scared or agressive cats. I bought a 75 mL spray bottle ($65 CDN, yikes!) and sprayed it once in each room. I could smell it at first (smelled like plastic) but it was just for a few seconds.

Lily, who is usually relaxed, got a little agitated and unsure of herself! Weird. But she's fine now. All the kitties are sleeping now, but it's raining outside so that's the norm.

I'll write another update in a day or two and let you know if it works!

Cheers, from
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I've used the sray and the diffuser, and I prefer the diffusers, as the spray really seemed to do nothing but mke Ginger cough.

Feliway has no apparent affect on Ginger, but it REALLY makes a difference in how skittish Ferris is. With two diffusers running at opposite ends of my house, he's a much more lovey, curious kitty, much less shy and nervous.

It is expensive, but I am buying them on eBay and saving about 20-50% on cost.

Anyone want my leftover spray, mostly full? I'm not using it, and I'll be happy to mail it out to you if you want. Just PM me your addy, and I'll send it out!
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I did a couple of Feliway sprays first thing this morning and left the house, and when I came back a hour later, SPARKLE AND LILY WERE BOTH SLEEPING ON OUR BED! They weren't snuggling or anything, but they've never done this! It's a far cry from the hissing, anxious Sparkle who wouldn't come into the house because it's "Lily's territory." I had to leave again and when I came back Oberon had joined them. I've never seen three more relaxed cats!

O.K. this stuff is working!

Cheers, from
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Well that's great! I guess they belong to the 85 % for which the company that makes the stuff claims it works!
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This is great, congratulations! Feliway is 'happy cat hormones or pheremones isn't it' so it smells the same as a happy cat? It's the smell that they release from their scent glads when they are happy?
I use the plug in for Villy and it seems to calm her.
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I got Feliway when I introduced a new cat into the household. I wish I had saved my money, it has done zero for these two and now I'm faced with the task of looking for a new home for the new kitty.
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So far I've only used the spray. I primarly purchased the spray to help calm gizmo whenever I had to take him to the vet. I just sprayed once in the carrier a half hour before I left and it seems to have helped. He actually went in the carrier and laid down. Before, as soon as I picked up carrier he would just go crazy, this last time he was fairly calm. Gizmo is a pretty relaxed cat normally, at least in the house, so I figure the only time I'll probably use it is when I'm taking him somewhere.
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I have been curious to try the Feliway plug-in recently as my kitten suddenly has become quite spooked lately for some unknown reason. My question is has anyone who has had success using this product to calm their nervous/paranoid cat stopped using the product after a certain period and has the original behavior returned? I would love to try this product, but hate to have to spend $20 a month on refills. If this is somthing I could use for a couple/few months and have more permanent results that would be great. I've only read a couple posts saying that some problems reoccured when they stopped using the Feliway.

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I got this a week ago and plugged it into my (Hannah's) bedroom to see if it would help her stop freaking out (hissing and growling) when Casey came into the room. It's accomplished nothing so far, but the instructions say it might take as much as a month to kick in. I still have to keep my bedroom door closed 24 hours a day to prevent fights from breaking out. I'm wholly unimpressed... 65 dollars and all it does is block an outlet.
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Feliway can't solve every problem. If a problem is stress related it may make a cat sufficiently more relaxed for the problem to go away, but it can't be expected to perform miracles. I take it along to the cattery when I put mine in there and the staff say it helps them to settle quicker. I think it's good stuff but it's not a magic bullet than can solve every problem without other intervention. Sometimes it's just not enough.
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the range is about 50-70 square meters, and you can best use it in the room your cat frequents the most. Its a great product and when the problem your cat is having isnt too grave, it works wonders. OTherwise, it is still a great tool and help, but other measures have to be taken. In case of urination, i can tell you now, it is not enough( ive been there myself, had a cat that jumped on the other cat when she left the litterbox, plus she constantly tried to ambush her everywhere else aswell). Although feliway does diminish the amount of stress, it can do only that much. You have to fix what causes the stress.

Maybe you can tell us when it started and if some even triggered it. What is the relationship between your cats?
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My vet said that one can of Feliway might be enough, because the kitties might start getting used to each other by then.

It is still working for us. Whenever Sparkle gets agitated and hissy, I put a couple of sprays around the house (I spray the baseboards instead of the air) and it immediately calms her down.

I wish I could have introduced them properly, but Lily was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband, after I had been mourning my sweet kitty Wilde for almost two years. With relatives in the spare rooms, and being extremely busy with Christmas and cooking, etc. we just added Lily into the household... not recommended!

We are looking for a house to buy and when we move, I'm pretty sure the territory problems will be over. We had luck with doing this once before.

Cheers, from
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