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Cat Collars - to stop scratching

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So some of you will know that Miss Moofi has to wear one of those hideous cat collars to stop her scratching her poorly eye

White Cat Lover mentioned that you can get fabric ones ? Well I´ve done a search on the net and cant locate any ?

Does anyone know what they are called - or know of a link

Many thanks
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Try here
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I have also been looking for an alternative since I have an escape artist. I did find these. Don't know much about them since I just found them.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
These are what I was referring to. You might try calling the vets in your are to ask if they carry anything like that. The pet hospital near me carries them, but only when you specifically ask for one. They are used on shelter cats in cages so they can still eat, drink, & move in the cages.
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thanks - my vets dont use them or even heard of them. I think she thought I was making it up she speaks very good English, and my Spanish is not technical enough - so I think it got lost in the translation a little
Also suspect none of the others will have them, things are a little slow on the uptake here in Spain
So I will print some details and take them in to my vets, she seemed interested and she has trendy toys & things in her surgery, so maybe I can pursuade her these soft collars are TONS better
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