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Ripping Cardboard

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Timber the cat http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/blush.gif
will only sit on my lap if I put the lid to a carboard box there first. She loves to rub her head along the edge. So I've put some around the house (on chairs, etc.) and she often goes and lays on them during the day. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/clap.gif

This past week she's started biting and ripping the edges of the box lids...she doesn't eat or swallow the piece, but right now, the box lids all look like they've been attacked. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif

Do cats "like" cardboard, or is this her way of creating a rougher rubbing edge for her to use?

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oh.........1st your links just open the smilies - am I doing something wrong ? are they links to photos ?

Dino loves cardboard, he´s the one who wils sit in boxes scratch & paddle on any bit of cardboard he finds - I always thought he was the freak, but maybe my other two are the odd ones out, they dont bother a jot
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Dushka loves ripping cardboard - boxes, folders, packing, you name it, she will tear it to shreds.
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My kittens like playing with cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls. Lily especially likes to chew on cardboard. Not so much now, but I think she was teething and it must have felt really good. She loved a corrugated cardboard box that I had left out for my rabbits to play with. I think she was chewing it more than they were!
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Gizmo adores cardboard toilet paper rolls.

And the Cats Upstairs use a scratching post that is made from edge-on corrugated cardboard glued together. You might get one or two of these for you kitty since they are inexpensive and practical.
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I have a stack of collapsed cardboard boxes behind my bookcase. That's what my cats use to scratch. They love to shred the cardboard. I replace them as needed.

In addition to that I have a small table in my bedroom that has a base with a texture like tree bark. It's not tree bark, but it's quite rough. They also like to scratch on that and I haven't noticed any damage to it so I let them scratch it too.

Cardboard is a cheap alternative to buying a scratch post.
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All my cats like laying on cardboard, Baker & Spritzer love ripping it up.
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Abi has discovered paperback book covers on my nightstand and rips off little pieces from the cover's corners and spits them out. I have to start putting the book Iam reading in a drawer. she also has discovered book marks and likes tearing them out of the book so I dont know what page i am on.
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