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Did you know . . . ?

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Phew. I've been copywriting all day. Trying to find flowery adjectives to describe very basic and mundane industrial kitchen products. An intersting challenge indeed.

Anyway - I've been making heavy use of the dictionary/thesauraus, and having finished, scanned through the book.

So - did you know that a collective noun for kittens is 'A Kindle of Kittens' and for cats is 'A Clowder of Cats'?

I didn't. I wonder if there are any other obscure/funny-sounding collectives out there?

Today's lesson over!!!
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Well that IS interesting!!! I never knew that! But I do now... see, you DO learn something new every day... Well, almost every day.. :laughing2
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I didn't know that either! Thanks for the info!
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My personal favorite is a murder of crows.

More at this website:
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Christy, I love that one, too. There was a good movie by that title a few years ago. I also like a gaggle of geese. I think that's right.
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