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cystaid, cystease ??s, and not in USA?

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I have been reading about cystaid and cystease on the web. It is contains gluocosamine which protects the bladder (it claims) and appears to be only used in the UK. My questions are is it not used in the USA because it is not approved by our vets? Does it really work to alleviate cystitis? Would taking a urine acidifier interfere with it's effectiveness?

My guy has never been blocked but has been diagnosed with cystitis. I am doing what I can, but he does pee more (less volume) than his brothers, and sometimes he pees on the rug (same spot, might be smell attraction, I am working on it) and i had the privelrge of touching his very sandy pee once.

Any answers out there? thanks.
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Has he had a urinalyis? my cats first came up as him have a ph level of over 8(the test stopped measuring after 8 so how much higher I don't know) The vet put him on cd canned and then when I moved my vet said let him have the dry c/d to...he improved even more cause now he drinks! RJ
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I'm not sure whether an acidifer would interfere, but you could ask your vet about Cosequin. It is also a glucosamine supplement and is used on both arthritic kitties and those with bladder inflammation (cystitis).
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I have used Cystaid - it seemed to work, he only had flare ups when I had vocal fosters in - his was stress related.
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Did you give it everyday? or only when there was a flare up?
Have you given your cat an acidifier. Did he have flare ups while taking it?
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I decided I would try it and now I can't get any. They don't ship to the USA. Anyone know what I can do about this?
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Talk to your vet ... Maybe there is a simliar product... Are you feeding the kitty wet or dry food??
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I think the cosequin is similar, but I was searching and that lists it's gloucosamine as gloucosamine HCL and it has other stuff in it. My search showed it used for arthritis not for bladders. My vet never heard of the stuff and said use it, it won't hurt, so I don't think he is up on the subject. He did say he didn't think it would matter with the acidifier and the more I read on line the more I wanted to get the cystease, ordered it and got a letter back from them, no shipping to usa. If I know someone in the UK, I could get them to forward it to me. Not sure now what to do. Oh and he eats around 4 ounces a day of wet food and two handfuls of dry food. I can't go all wet unless I get the cheap stuff. Not sure he would be happy with that anyway, he likes the dry better. I withhold it until the wet portion is finished.
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Hi, I used it everyday. Is it the UK vet sites you have tried to get it shipped over?
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Yes booktigger, it was parkvet and vet med. Vet med has the cystease S which is just gloucosamine and no alfalpha. Don't know if that makes a big difference, but that is the one I wanted because my guy has had allergies with food, so the more pure the stuff the better. But can't get it here, they don't make it.
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Actually, for a while I gave Willow (who has bouts of cystitis) and Spot (who had arthritis) over-the-counter human pills. I think I used Cosamin, which is like Cosequin but in a human capsule form. The pills were huge, but the cats were able to swallow them if I put them far enough back in their throats. The advantage to the cat version is that it comes in a powder form that can be mixed with their food, but I always have trouble getting my kitties to eat anything with stuff mixed in.
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