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Feeling like An Empty Nest..

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And its far from empty Mimi went home the day after my wedding, Oct 2nd, sweet Mimi is happy in KS and doing great I am very plessed she worked out so well for her new meowmy.

Today, Han & Anakin my terrible twin bash brothers, went to their new home. I am so happy they went together, and their new meowmy and daddy are pleased as punch with their new babies. But to me it seems like just yesterday i was sitting and cheering their mommy on while they were being born!

Tommrow Collins will be leaving to his new home. a Lovely couple not to far from here. They will be a wonderfull home as well. Ironicly he like everyone else so far will keep his name we gave him here,

So while we still have plenty of babies in the house, and our adults of course. The house to me is starting to feel empty. I was able to eat a meal without little Hans Paw in my food (i warned his new parents LOL) King Roger and his Twin Mark will be leaving in January, so they will be here for a while yet. I will personally be flying them out to their new home in AZ.

Davis will be going to NY in Nov...

And I am sure Angel, Tom and Benny will soon have homes too..

My Babies are all Grown up!
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Awwwwwwwwww. I know it's hard, but you gave them the best home for the time that you had them.It's thanks to you that they are such wonderful kittys!!!
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I don't know how you do it! I'd be so attached I'd be over run with cats and kittens because I wouldn't be able to give them away

I can really see me being the neighbourhood cat lady when I'm in my senior years. I'll have a house and hundreds of cats, LOL
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Aawww, that would be so hard letting them go after being attached..I could not do..Any attempt of mine to foster kits would result in me being a crazy cat lady...

I definately commend you for helping these kitties to find a great home , that is amazing of you

By the way, are you allowed to visit them?
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Awwwwww I know how hard it can be to watch fosters go to their new homes, especially after you've raised them and loved them for soo long...they become a part of your family and your life I know it's hard to let them go but think of it like this- Those lovely babies that you fostered who found homes, they now have wonderful forever homes to spend the rest of their lives in....each cat you've done that for you've saved from being euthanized in a shelter or meeting some other bad fate...every cat you've helped, you've made a difference in their life....and through your work, you're able to educate others on the importance of being responsible owners and the needs of cats. What a wonderful opportunity!!! And now that those beautiful kitties have found homes....you will be able to help even more! What a wonderful gift to be able to do that!!! I applaud you for being strong and keeping your chin up! I know it seems like your loosing them...but you're really helping them....because by placing them in wonderful homes, you are able to help even more of them....and save their lives. It takes a strong person to do that I know it may seem like your home is a bit empty now without them, but trust me...there are always more kitties out there in need of a foster home- you're home won't feel empty for much longer ---When I think about those things, that keeps my spirits up when I foster and keeps me motivated I hope that helps you too! You're doing a wonderful job as a foster mom!
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I hope some of the rehomed babies were your purebreds! I'm sure it is equally hard to give up moggie kittens and persian kittens, but for you to be able to afford to move forward with your breeding program, you will need to get your babies out there.

It is sad that no matter how many cats you have, when one gets adopted out they leave a hole. But congrats on finding them new homes. I'm sure the new families are very blessed by their new additions!
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oh goodness. All the rehomed babies are my purebreds sorry for everyone thinking otherwise. I *DO* foster I just havent at the moment cause I had my purebred babies I know they have to find homes. But it doesnt make it any easier for sure.

On a note I will be fostering some special needs kitties soon once my babies have found new homes all of them. Working with a breed rescue, as right now my local rescue is AOK with foster homes. whichis great.

Just waiting on Little Collins new mommy and Daddy to give me a jingle and off he goes. into the big new world
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