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Please pray for Baxter

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My wife has him at the Emergency Vet now. He has been seizing all day and she still doesnt have any answers from the vet about whats going on. ( Been there for 6 hours)

I am at work so can't type much now. I just ask for your prayers that God will help him.
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I hope they can find out what is wrong with Baxter and that he comes home to you safe and sound. I'll say some prayers for him!
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Good vibes for BAxter, that he comes home safe and better.
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Fingers crossed for him.
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for Baxter. Let us know how he's doing.
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Thanks everyone.

He is still there receiving IV hydration. He was severly dehydrated hence the seizures. They are redrawing his electrolytes now and we are making the trip back down. The Vet told my wife if his labs are not improved after IV's then we should put him down.

We had to make a monetary cutoff of 1000.00 and sign a contract. Not that that is the price we put on him, it's all the money that we can possibly muster and then some. (I wish we had more) Everything is horribly expensive there. They asked permission just now to do an abdominal xray which we OKed and this is going to cost 300.00

One encouraging thing is he didn't have a seizure since 10PM last night. Seems to be better with the fluids as they said he is alittle stronger today. One of our cats has been vomiting and its appears that he was the one since there is no vomit found last night and today.

The vet said there is a 25% chance he caught the flu and became dehydrated because of it. He tested negative for feline leukemia and his liver studies were OK which is also encouraging.

We are going down there to see what the lab results are and to make the call. No way could we put him down last night without atleast trying the fluids. It would be like throwing him in the garbage. On the other hand, I couldn't bear to see him seize again and don't want to see him suffer.

Thanks for the encouraging posts. (I am bawling like a little girl as I type this.) We are putting this in God's hands.
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I'm so sorry that you all are going through this. I am saying a prayer for your kitty's recovery. Keep us posted, you will be in my thoughts.
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I hope thinks turn out the best for your kitty.
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Thank you.

Baxter's problem seems to be Polycythemia, an increase in red blood cells making his blood real thick. Thats why he was having seizures. Also, one of his kidneys is significantly enlarged and he has blood in his urine. The Vet wants to do a sonogram of his kidney and we OK'ed this. We will be up to about 1500.00 cost tommorrow with this but maybe we will see whats going on. We don't have the money but we are going to ask to make interest only payments on our cars this month. We have never been late so I am hoping this will fly.

It was great to see my boy though. At first he was laying there lethargic but when he realized who we were he light up like a Christmas Tree! Licking our faces and moving around like he used to. I guess he has been pretty mean to the staff though which is not like him.

This is in God's hands. I give it all to him and ask for His Will. I am not what you would call religious but I am placing all my hope in God.

I thank you all for your posts here. It's really helping more than you can know. I ask again that anyone reading this thread could just say a little prayer for Baxter. Let's see what happens...

Thank you everyone!
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I'll be saying an extra prayer for Baxter tonight, and for you & your wife, as well. Sending as many (((((healing vibes))))) as I can muster to your sweet boy.
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We're all praying and sending healing vibes to Baxter and prayers for you and your wife. Please keep us posted.
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Sending lots of healing vibes and prayers for your sweet Baxter. I hope he is going to be ok! If you find out what is wrong, and there is no way you can afford whatever treatment he needs, please look into and see if you qualify for their help. Its worth a shot. That organization is FULL of angels!

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Best wishes to Baxter for a speedy recovery. I hope he feels better soon.

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Sending many prayers for Baxter.
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Precious Baxter....
you have my prayers little darling.
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Sending many prayers for your Baxter
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fingers crossed and well wishes to u all..from the animal mad house
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for Baxter!
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Baxter get well soon ....
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Fingers crossed for him.
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