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New Cat - Needs Name

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A client brought three kittens in who wandered into her yard, they all had upper respiritory infections. One kitten was black and white [the healthiest], another was tabby and white [the sickest], and the third was white with a grey tail [the gooberiest]. From the moment I met the white one I wanted him. You'd just look at him and he would purr and purr. The black and white one found a home right away, it was very wild and rambunctious. SO many times over the past few weeks I wanted to bring the kitten home, even on a foster basis. I decided not to and a week later they came back to the clinic because the woman fostering them [my coworker] had guests over. I got dad to come see the kitten and somehow we managed to talk my mom into letting us at least foster him.

So we're "fostering" him and I'm supposed to make an "effort" in finding him a new home. In reality though, we're fostering with intent to keep!

He's a total purr box. You just LOOK like you're going to touch him and he goes, and you can hear it like 15 feet away. He's sweet and rubs on your face, right now he's been in the chewing stage of his life, biting everything. He's wild, him and Napolean play all the time.

Any name ideas? Right now I am calling him Casanova, because that's what he is. He needs a good name like Napolean. Originally I wanted to call him Pause, because the spots on his head look like a pause symbol. But it doesn't really describe him... I just don't "feel" it. My parents don't know what to call him, but they keep pulling random weird names from nowhere, so I thought I would enlist some help from the kitty experts

Sorry for the picture quality, my computer won't recognize my digicam so these are from my phone.

^^ I was holding his favorite toy to get this one.

Thanks in advance!
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He's sooooo adorable!!!!

Hmm, kitty names, I can think of so many!! My favourite Cats names are from T.S Eliot, Pouncival, Tumblebrutus, Carbuckety, Coricopat, Plato, Admetus!
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Greek names are always good...............what about


it means defender

and you could shorten it to Alex or Lexy

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what about something simple like...

spot (lol)
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He looks like a Nicodemus to me
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If it's another male, and you already have a Napoleon, you might call this one L'Aiglon (The Eagle) which was the nickname of Napoleon's son.

Or you could just call the new cat Bonaparte.
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My Russian Blue that I kept was named Cassanova from the time he was born - he was such a lover and purred and wanted to be held all the time. Call him Cassanova
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That came up! But my dad doesn't like it and I'm not 100% sure it's "his" name.

We've come up with Sebastian, Gilligan, Porter, and Shakespeare. I've considered Plato, Apollo, and Archamedes as well.

I'm still leaning towards Casanova... but again, I'm not sure.

It's really hard for me to name things LOL, when I got Napolean I didn't know what to call him and someone randomly said "Napolean" and it was perfect.
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You'll probably all think I'm crazy, but I have never picked a name for any of my cats just because I thought it was cute.
I always have to look at them and see what name 'fits' their face.

LOL...I did the same thing with my kids...didn't have any names picked out until I saw them...anyway when I look at that cute little guy the name Elliot pops into my head.
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Thanks for the name help everyone! Thinking a lot I finally decided today to call him Pause. I said if I took him home that is what I would name him... and I think it fits just because that is what I called him when I played with him in clinic.

Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!
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