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Wednesday's DT

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Well, it has just become a busy day for my. We have a backlog of job orders, plus I am taking calls today so I will not be able to drop in too often for the rest of the day. I guess I don't mind being busy - it keeps the brain active! I hope everyone has a good day!
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Well its been lovely and hot here all day... except for right now, when I'm about to leave to walk home..... theres a great big storm right above me!! So think of me walking home in the thunder and lightening and hail... joy.... Ah well....I can only get so wet... :laughing:

Its been a busy day here today.. well kind of... and tonight hopefully hubby will be fixing the plumbing in the house so I can actually have a shower... Hooray!!

Hope everyone had/is having/will have a great day!!
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Well, I thought that I would be busy, but the system I need to use is down, so back to TCS for my entertainment. At least my internet is still working!
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I have the day off. Installed my new photo printer, without a hitch! I'm doing so well, with this computer stuff, I'm scaring myself.

Bill wants to grill pork chops tonight so no cooking for me!

We got a storm, around 11:00 last night. At least it waited until I got safely home.

Ike and the cats are feeling the humidity - they're all in various states of unconciousness. Can't say that I blame them.
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It is really dead at work again, so I get to spend the most part of the day here.

Cindy, all the talk about Bill grilling has me drooling. Because of all the fires earlier this summer, Jefferson County put a ban on all grilling on a balcony. Grills have to be at least 10 feet from any building. Although our apartment management never notified us of this, all the apartments we looked into did. One said that the fire department is handing out $5000-$10,000 fines if they find you grilling on a balcony! Needless to say, we haven't grilled in quite a while.

I'm starting to get that moving stress going. We are moving in less than 2 weeks, and Earl has not packed up one thing. Last time we moved he waited until the NIGHT BEFORE to start packing up the computer room. It was a mess, and I swore I would never do that again. Hopefully I can convince him that packing before we move is actually important.

The other repercussion that I'm feeling is that Trent has decided that Earl is the "good parent" since I am packing and he doesn't like it. I swear, Trent waits until we are both sitting on the couch, then he will hop up for Daddy snuggles all the while eyeing me. "See Mommy. I don't like you packing so I will snuggle Daddy." Of course, this also gets Ophelia jealous since she is Daddy's Girl.
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Worked today and it was nonstop. It never seems like you have enough time in the day to do anything anymore. My mom just emailed and said she wants to "drop by"(she has been planning to come down for weeks now) Aug 21-28. SHyeah like I can get time off that soon. I can't believe that she has put off telling me this long. I hope she doesn't expect me to be able to get the whole time off. Darn parents. I love her dearly but she doesn't seem to realize that I don't have a job that I can just take time off whenever she feels like popping in to see me.and now it is even harder since the trouble with my mgr not telling me about the $ i'd make if I became mgr of our shop( on tues DT) So hopefully she will change her mind and come the 1-8 Of Sept like she was going to and i took the week off for...
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It's county fair time in my part of the country! Tomorrow we are going to have a county fair day at the nursing home I work at. We've never done this before so it should be an interesting day and, hopefully, everything will go well. As long as it doesn't rain, I am going to the county fair on Friday, I really enjoy looking at the flowers and the craft exhibits.

I hope you didn't have to walk too far in the rain, Rhea. I always get nervous if I have to be outside when there's lightening...

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I'm chiming in here, eventhough the day is almost over. It was very slow and boring at work today, like it has been all week because more than half of the employees are down in Boca Raton, FL for our national sales meeting. I don't mind though because it gives me time to play games, surf the web, and do my homework. Rhea-I hope you didn't get too wet walking home in the rain, hail and lightning. You should have called Sam and have him pick you up. Well, I'm off to bed now.
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