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Dragging bum ...

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Hi all!

I just noticed today my kitten dragging his bum across the floor after he's gone poop! Is that normal???

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I actually got my anwser by doing a search of other posts ....

I just took him to the vet last Wednesday and she gave him a pill for deworming, so I'm guessing that's been dealt with ... I'm left to assume that he just has some poop still stuck to his fur .... b/c he doesn't do it all the time.

Anyways, I guess I'll just keep an eye on him for a while.

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From what I've read around here, some cats do that to clean their anal glands.
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Dragging their bum that could indicate an anal gland problem and for that they need to go to the VET to get then expressed.

Please have your baby checked..
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I have seen this procedure done. it is said to be just like popping a zit. the anal glands being cleaned and expressed are the same thing. they are having the "waste" caught inside removed - like dust and hair in a vaccume cleaner... but yea get those anal glands checked out asap, or they can get infected...
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