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Kiki almost feel out the window!

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I live on the third floor of a building, and when I first got my kitties I used to have really bad nightmares about them jumping out the window. I am so careful, but I haven't found a way to put permanent screens in - we only open the windows quickly when kitties aren't around, and then put the screen in super-fast. Tonight I had a few friends over to help me move some furniture, and one opened a window without telling me, and didn't put the screen in. About 20 mins later, when I walked by the bedroom I saw that my Kiki was sitting all the way out on the ledge, by the other window, which wasn't open, so I couldn't grab her. I closed the door, locked it, and coaxed her back to me, but when she turned around her hind legs fell off the ledge, and she had to scramble not fall off. She almost came back in to me, but changed her mind halfway, and turned back out onto the ledge. I realized she was too entranced to come back, so I snuck my arm out past her carefully (not to startle her) and grabbed her all in one fast move, held her tighter than ever in my life, and pulled her back in. I am going to find a way to put permanent screens up now if it kills me, but I'm trying to understand, what's the right thing to do in a situation like that? Also, I just needed to share this, since it was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had, and I can't stop imagining how easily it could have ended with Kiki gone.
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I'm so glad that she is ok!

Can you call a window professional or the apartment manager and see if they can put the screen in permanently?
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OMG, how scary! Thank God you saw her out there, and she wasn't hurt. Definitely get screens installed. Make sure you check them regularly though, I've had several kitties push through loose or torn screens over the years. Glad to hear your kitty is safe and sound!
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I don't know about laws where you live, but where we are (in Canada) I'm pretty sure there are laws about having strong and well attached screens in apts. because young children are always climbing up into the windows. You could (depending on how the window opens) try putting a nail or something in the sill or side sashes to keep the windows from being opened more than 1" or so (kittens can get into amazingly narrow places!), but talk to your landlord about safety (and small children) - you might be happily surprised by his willingness to fix things!
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Thanks for the nice words, everyone! I can't figure out how to do the screens, the window frames are all metal and brick, it's going to be quite a puzzle. I live in NYC, and I'll check into the laws, but I'm not sure what my building will do, as child safety bars won't be enough. I'll find a way, though.

On a lighter note, Kiki is begging to come out with me at the front door now, she doesn't understand why I ruined all her fun last night! Thank God she's so agile.
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hi missliner,
I don't completely get what you have described (because i'm not native english speaker), but I still want to share some experience since I also live in an apartment on the 4th floor and don't have any kind of protection at windows. We don't have air conditioner in our apartment so it's impossible not to open windows during summer. When I first moved in, I was very anxious for my cat (although before moving in, I had had to open the window in my previous apartment (1st floor) frequently to "train" my cat not to jump down from the window and to build up my confidence in him, he never jumped down or did any dangerous thing). He likes to jump on the window ledge and sits there whenever he has a chance. I used to get nervous and couldn't even look at him when he was there. I even imagined how he would lie on the ground after falling out the window . I always wanted to take him away from the window. But my husband convinced me to have more confidence in our cat and I couldn't look after it all the time. Fortunately, we didn't see any problem yet and we hope that there won't be one. Besides, I often observe my cat's behaviors, he seems very agile and careful.

Now I start to believe that my cat can be totally fine with sitting on the ledge. Moreover, he becomes a big cat, I'm small and short and the window is too high for me. Me trying to take him off the window seems more dangerous than letting him get off by himself especially if he tries to resist (which is very likely to happen - my cat is a stubborn boy). Therefore, now when I see my cat on the window I get away so that I won't make him lose concentration.

Of course it's best if you can have something like a grid to keep your cat safe.
Good luck !
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Please don't do it... you've been very lucky so far, but you wouldn't believe the horrible stories I've read - just think if he's a bit sleepy and twitches in his sleep (cat dream) - it would just take a second for things to get awful and you couldn't live with yourself afterward! Keep him from ever going to the ledge again if you love him! Cats DON'T have 9 lives!
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