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Weird biting problems

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My pretty kitty Peanuts is about a year and a half old. She started this when she was like half a year old: (but then it went away and then it came back.) you'll be petting her and she'll be all content, then i will see her pupils get huge and her aers go back like half an inch avout half a second before biting me. Its not a hard bite (it doesnt break the skin or anything) but its alarming. She does it once in a while. When she was younger i went on the 'net and found somethinmg that said it was kitten behavoir (like when kittens would get realyl content by their littermated they would playfight with them). But she's not a kitten anymore. We scold her when she does it but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. Any ideas?
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Is she spayed?
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It may be that your petting is overstimulating to her (it happens a lot) either by length of time, or location (cats can be fussy about having their stomachs tickled and may react badly), or she may just see your hand as prey for some reason, whether or not it makes sense to us. I'd be extra careful about how long and where you pet her until she gets older (and hopefully more sensible), and don't wriggle your fingers back and forth too much if you can help it (as you might when tickling her).
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That could be a love bite. Gizmo does them and knows not to make them too hard. I still say NO BITES right after she does it.

Probably they do want you to stop petting them when they do this.
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Swanie will occasionally nip at my hand after I've been petting him, and even Cindy has done it once or twice. It's never hard, and I just think it's their way of saying they love me. I wouldn't dream of scolding them for it, since I'm not being hurt in any way.

Now, if Swanie is in play-attack mode and goes for my hand, I will tell him No Biting! and take my hand away. But I can tell the difference between the two behaviors.
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Nope shes not spayed. Yeah, i figured it was something like a love bite because it really doesnt hurt too bad just sometimes she gets carried away. Maybe then shes in attack mode?
But thanx for the replies!
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Love bites can become more aggresive in females not spayed especially past 1 year old. It is love and play but can become very unpredictable and sometimes overly agressive when they are'nt fixed, though it's not intentional, more hormonal.
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