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One of my kittens has a stinky back. Sometimes it's after he goes to the bathroom and sometimes not. Is this usual? It's of course nearer to his behind that smells and my goodness it's a strong odor. But then after while it doesn't smell as bad. I have watched him go to the bathroom and his feces is normal. What could this be?
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is he unneutered? how old is he? An unneutered sexually mature male can get real smelly.
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He's neutered. He is almost six months. It just makes me wonder because the other kitten doesn't have the smell and he's the same age and neutered too.
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I would say it is his anal sacs and they probably need to be expressed.
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That makes sense! Thanks, I'll call the vet tomorrow.
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Anal sac s.... or like my girl the vet said it was her eating so much dry food...
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I've noticed this about one of my kittens too. She's female though. I just chalked it up to her being a baby and not as fastidious as she should be, but maybe it is something to ask the vet about.
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My cat has always eaten dry food and has never had 'stinky back'. I don't see what the dry diet has to do with it.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
My cat has always eaten dry food and has never had 'stinky back'. I don't see what the dry diet has to do with it.
It turns out she had an allergy to one of the ingrediants... Holistic vets have well some unusual ways ... My girl didnt stink just when I smelled her while up close she had that pre pubesent I need some deodorant smell ... I change her and it went away... but My vet said she has seen it a few times in all dry food feed cats ( like with dogs if you feed them corn based food there feet often smell like corn)
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It could also be that the food doesn't agree with him. What are you feeding? Could you try switching to something else?
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There are excellent foods, such as California Natural, that don't contain corn or wheat.

I feed Gizmo Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner. Her poo now smells like the food (not surprising.) It's not unpleasant and she doesn't stink up the bathroom like she did when she ate chicken.

But the dry food vs. wet food had nothing to do with her problem.
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Well we took him to the vet and it was his anal sacs. The vet said there was a lot more fluid in there than there is supposed to be but that there was no sign of infection. He also told me to keep an eye out for diahrreah because this could keep the fluids from coming out naturally. He said too that he may act a bit irritated (wouldn't anyone?? :P) for the rest of today and that we could still smell it but that he would be back to normal tomorrow. Thanks for the help everyone.

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