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Override a password?

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I have a laptop that I used back in college - I've had it here, but its got a virus, and I was going to get it fixed so I could sell it. But, I tried to boot it up and I typed in my password, and it won't take it! It says the password is incorrect (which it isn't!)

Does anyone know if you can override a password? Its WindowsXP, the brand is a Fujistu, and I love it! I've only had it a few years - I don't know if the virus has done this to the computer or what - but I'm totally frusterated!

Anyone know the answer to my problem!?
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Between when the Bios can be accessed and the Windows Start Up (before you see the Windows logo) press F8 and tell it to go to Last Known Configuration. That should work and then your password should work.

If there isn't any data on there that you need to save, use your Recovery Disk that should have come with the laptop and wipe the hard drive clean and start over.
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I think I'll have to use my Recovery Disk - I restarted it and pressed F12 and restarted in Safe Mode to remove the password from the Administrator, but I accessed User Accounts, and my other account, nor the Administrator account would show up. Just my luck, right?

I'll see if I have that Recovery Disk. Sometimes I hate computers
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See if you can roll it back to before it got the virus, because that is most likely what is denying you access to the password. That's what the F8 will do.
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If you have OEM OS then good luck. I had a friend whose Win XP PC (Compaq) had the sasser virus. What a mess! They did not have the recovery CD and I tried to fix it with the regular CD for Win XP. Big mistake. IF you do not have the CD and the OS is Dell or Gateway or Compaq (HP) you should be able to get it for $10 or so. You will lose all your documents though.

Good luck!
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