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I'm such a bad Meowmy!

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Just ask Sapphire and Mia. They got their first baths and they were NOT happy about it. If looks could kill............I wouldn't be posting this right now.

Mia is so small, she was EASY to dry off.So, I don't have a pic of her in the towel.........just all dry and givin me the look.
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oh cute! I haven't given mine baths, but my little guy bear came in the bathroom while i was showering and peeked around the curtain and was intrigued by the falling water. So, I thought what the heck and pulled him in; he was NOT happy. But not as mad as I thought he might be...how do you get yours into the water?
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Awww Poor Babies! Ive only dared wash Bagheera. He was actually a very good boy about it. The girls I would never ever try. I would have a proffesional do it if for some strange reason they had to be cleaned. The only reason Gheery got a bath was because he fell into the toilet after I pee'd and before I could flush. LOL I wasnt having a sewer kitty running around my house.
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Poor Gheery! haha. Our little Bean fell into the toilet once. I was at the sink when I heard a splash and turned around and he was already jumping back out, poor thing. Now we keep the lid down.
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how do you get yours into the water?
By holding them and petting them at the same time.Neither girls were happy about it and did their darndest to get out of the tub.
Poor Bagheera!!! A stinky kitty.Ewwwww. LOL!
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hehe, they look so cute when they're soaking wet! But yeah, that look is more like a glare! I got a similar one last night when I snuck up on Abby to cut her nails.
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Oh toooo cute! I have pics from Mooch and Noodles' first baths. They are just priceless!
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She's not happy!

If someone heard us giving Tiger a bath, you would think we were killin him!
He's a nightmare to bathe... so yea, he has to be pretty much a filthy mess before we do it. We actually use leather gloves to bathe him
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shame on you meowmy!!! Shame!!!
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