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Im so grossed out

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This might seem silly but I cant deal with dead animals, especially mice and birds...ewwwwww.

I just went outside and saw my cat playing with a dead baby mouse, I cant even get myself to go out there and remove it. Im so freaked, I dont know why im like this.

Lastweek I found a dead mouse in my pool filter, and two weeks before that I saw two of my cats stalking and attacking a bird, who survived but didnt live too much longer after.

Before my BF was living with me so he took care of that stuff, but now we broke up and I cant deal!

There must be a mouse nest or whatever it is that mice have, somewhere close by.

Anyone else get like this? And what do you do? I seriously dont want to go out there with the dead mouse and I certainly dont want to touch it or move it. Will it hurt my cat if she ate it? ewwwww.

Oh I just remembered an other incident but it involoved my dogs. I went out back to get them one day and they wouldnt come to me, which is unusual. They were all by the same part of the fence, and when i went to investigate I found a dead crow,90% eaten, mostly bones. Oh my god I filpped out and this was back when we were scared of the bird flu and the mosquitos, so i had no choice but to bag it and dispose of it, I had chills running up my back and I wanted to vomit.(Dogs where ok didnt get sick)

This stuff always seems to happen to me.
Anyone else?
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This is one of the reasons I want to convert our indoor/outdoor cats to indoor only. We have bells on them, too, but I think it just fine-tunes their sneaking skills! It's so sad. We bury the birds, mice, and rats in the backyard. I'm the one that always has to deal with it, and I'm tired of this and am working to change it.

Cheers, from
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I would us the broom to brush it out of the way.Or a plastic bag to pick it up.
Blaze usually just kills them and leaves them alone after that.She's the ONLY 1 that goes outside during the day.The other 4 are strictly inside only kits.
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I think eating mice can give them tapeworm...from fleas that might me on the mouse...I could be wrong though.
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Jake is our mouser. He will eat the mouse immediately after killing it, i doubt your cats will touch it when it has gone (sorry) cold. Dont know about dogs tho', they are scavengers so they may well have a go.

I know it will be hard for you but i would certainly get rid of it as quickly as possible.

I regulary worm all my cats whether they hunt or not as they all have access to the outside, especially Jake. With him i am very careful to make sure he has his tablets at regular intervals to prevent any chance of worms.

Unfortuantely dealing with the occasional hunt fatality is part of cat ownership But i do sympathise with your predicament its not a pleasant job.
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My dogs occasionally catch and kill birds. After years of baby poop, litter boxes and working in nursing homes, dealing with dead birds is no biggie - I just pick them up, with a pair of tongs, pop them into a plastic bag and toss in the trash bin.
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My Inca, who is my only indoor/outdoor cat, just left a bird on our front door stoop. This is where he leaves all his "gifts". We keep a box of latex gloves in our house for cooking so we put a pair of gloves on put said gift in a baggy and throw it in the outside trash. Luckily he doesn't eat the critters. My husband is pretty sqeamish about it so he always makes me dispose of the offering. I grew up on a farm where this was pretty common so it doesn't really bother me. When I was younger I had a cat who would eat everything and just leave the tail of the mouse. That for some reason was more yucky to me.

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