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well, don't know if i wrote it right
well, first of all snowbell recovered well from the neuture, and from the teeth removal, (new ones are coming out now and i set my mind to rest).
Now comes the interesting part, about 4 days ago his medicated food was finished (the hypoaalergenic dried) and had the old bag still full (royal canin for persians) so i gave him from the old bag. He took the medicated food for 3 weeks or 1 month so and was doing well with it (before he had the diarrea and vomit problem). After 2 days on the ordinary food he began vomiting again, small quantity though, and digested food not whole. After yet another day (yesterday night) i found more vomiting, digested and non digested. All this is accuring at night or early morning. Never during the day and he eats normally during the day. No diarrea though. I'm going yet again to the vet next monday morning (can't today and tomorrow, i'm sick with fever and flu) and will ask to recommend a medicated food that it's nor so expensive, cos it seems he'll stay oin it forever. Half a kilo of it costs as much as 4 kilos of the normnal one here, so it would be hard to be buying it for the rest of his life. Maybe someone knows any brands on the market for me to take the idea with me at the vet?
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Can you give us some idea of what brands are available on Malta?
I hope that you are feeling better soon.
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Royal canin (the one i used to give them),and pedigree are the ones i know about.
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update on snowbell nicknamed mr trouble
vet came yesterday (home visit i like that! and he's not expensive at all) gave him 2 shots for the upset stomack, gave him some pills (he nearly chocked on one this morning) cleaned his ears, checked for fever and recommended on another type of medicated food. Well, he hasn't vomited this morning thank goddness! and his poo is allright too. and i see him nicer (cos i see him happy)
but... you had to see him when the vet tried to give him the shot, he went crazy, i never saw the timid softtoy snow like that ! he bit me too lol... never did that in 5 months, he was afraid and the injection hurts in the muscle. but he's fine at the end. I nicknamed him trouble cos he's always sick, one way or another poor baby.
The whole thing costed me equals to a visit at the clinic without shots and pills from the old vet! and I can see he dedicates his life curing animals, i just saw it in him. i will trust him with my babies from now on
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Did you find an allergy food? I know my foster cat that I adopted has food allergies. A 4 lb bag of Science Diet z/d(allergy food) cost me $17.79!!! I feel your pain, there.

I know gizmocat's gizmo has food allergies. Most prescription foods for allergie are very expensive. Do you know what Snowbell is allergic to?
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well, i don't know how maltese liri can be turned into ur money, but yes, every allergy food is expensive. it's triple what the normal one costs. I have to seperate the bowl now and give him to eat on the kitchen cupboard, away from his sister, cos she will eat his too. I got *intestinal programme* dry food, that's it's less expensive than the hypoallergenic. But i still don't know what he is allergic too. I used to give him very good quality food.
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Do you have access to quality meats ??? If yes maybe a homemade diet would work ... run that by the vet...
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I long ago read that rice and chicken are a good start for cats that get sick like mine. I tried it but he threw up the same.
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maybe try mutton/lamb , cooked salmon , beef ... chicken could be a problem for your kitty...
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