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Need advise hope you can Help Us

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Dusty has been Biting to the point of drawing blood how can we handle this? what we are doing right know is using one of our bathrooms for a time out until we can figure out why he is biting us.
Robin & Larry & Dusty
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How old is Dusty? What type of interactive playtime do you have with Dusty? Do you do anything with him in play involving the fingers, or have you? Such as the trick of putting your hands underneath a blanket so Dusty can pounce? If you can give more information, perhaps there is someone that can help you.
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The only play intereaction we with him chase the ball he is 5months old we thought it could be cutting his other teeth.
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A little more information re: Dusty's history might help. For example, if Dusty was removed from his mother before 12 weeks, he may not have learned how to play without hurting or biting too hard. Or, if he was a feral cat, he may have trust issues that should be dealt with in another way. Is he neutered? If he isn't, it may be that he's aggressive because he's starting to mature sexually... When does he bite? When you're playing with him? It might be that he's a cat that easily over-stimulated... which is another issue.

So... how old was Dusty when you got him? Under what circumstances did you get him (ie/ was he a stray, a shelter cat, from someone you knew...?)? When does he bite (ie/ when you're playing, if you're rubbing his tummy... etc.)? What type of personality does he have (ie/ shy, confident, bossy etc.)? What types of play games do you engage him in?

Answering these questions will help get you the right kind of advice you need.
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We got Dusty at 8 wks old and was calm and loving we were so pleased with his temperment was shy.know its gotten to where he is the boss no he is not neutred but will be soon.when you play with him he doe's bite or if you rub his tummy he bites.and he jumps on us while we are sleeping and starts to bite us so we know he is not allowed in our room.Dusty is 5 months old we are going to try our best to get him from biting us.
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A couple suggestions for you:

Try playing with him with fishing pole type toys - a rod with a string with a toy attached to the string. That way he can attack the toy and leave you unscathed.

Buy him a little stuffed animal (be careful that there aren't parts he can pull off and swallow, like hard button eyes and nose) and give that to him when he starts biting so he can chew to his heart's content.

Some kitties don't like their tummy rubbed at all, some are ok with it. My Ophelia would rip your hand off if you touch her tummy. Besides being a vulnerable part, it can also be very sensitive. Some cats get so overstimulated by petting, especially tummy areas, that it actually becomes painful. As hard as it is to resist cute kitty tummy, just don't rub him there. If he does like it for a while, pay attention to his body language so you know when he's had enough (tail twitching, ears back, eyes dilating).

At 5 months, his little hormones may just be starting to go through his system, and that also could explain the recent aggression. Once you get him neutered, that should also help the situation.
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