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Digital Cameras, your info please

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I am seriously looking for a digital camera. But due to the cost of them I don't wish to make a mistake buying my first one. Would you please give me your experiences, what should I be looking for, what do you have & are you happy with it? Or what brand do you recommend? I will appreciate any helpful input on this, thanks, Brandy
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From my very short experience with digital cameras I would have to say the kind you pop in a disk, take the picture and pop the disk into your computer. Sony is the best by far.

I tried both the Sony and an RCA digital camera. The RCA, which does not use disks but rather you download directly from the camera, is too complicated. I was going to buy one from a friend who was looking to purchase the disk kind. After trying to figure out how to use it, I gave it back to her. Not only did it need a port that I didn't have on my computer, but you needed a college degree to read the instructions.

I would definitely go to your library and look at Consumer Reports for their ratings.
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Well, I have seen quite a few of them. I am pretty happy with the one I have. It is an RCA. Donna didnt like it, but thats because she didnt understand how to hook it up to the computer. It has one of the memory cards in it. I just like it because I dont have to buy discs and I just download them to the computer. It also has an LCD screen so I can view the pics after I take them which is nice. As for the brands...stay away from any Dimera products...they are worthless. My best advice..and this is coming from someone who worked at Radio Shack for 3 years. Get a brand that is trustworthy. Make sure you get it from a reputable company as well. You may even want to get a consumers report for this year. I wasted about 150.00 on the first camera dang it!!!
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i dont have any advice as i've never looked for a digital camera - though it has been on my mind lately i just wanted to say hi! hello! thank god you found your way here again! and thank you for the wonderful cat card you sent i should share it with all these other crazy cat folks

talk with you again soon,
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I have a Sony - I use it for my website - it runs on regular floppy disks - I do not have to download anything, plug anything in, do anything other than take out the floppy, put it into my computer and I have pictures in both regular and email mode. The camera was made for camera stupid people - it is perfect for me! My husband bought it for me three years ago when the concept was new - they are so much more affordable now. I like simple and this camera does it all quickly and easily.
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Rene, what model Sony do you have? I have been seriously considering a Sony, as I have heard so many good comments about them, but it looks like they have about 7 or so different models.
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