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You haven't found any more dead (not counting the one the gardener person found) since you spoke with him?? Does he have pets?? Outbuildings that perhaps poison is still there tucked in a corner (and forgotten). Maybe you could get permission to search property to make sure??
I know how you feel on finding dead cats (yours and others) and a neighbor is involved as I have been in that situation. I was so worried about letting the cats back out but its been ok-he knows that I am home alot more than in the past and have erratic hours. I'm still vigilent though.
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It would seem that all the cats died within two or three days of each other, just over two weeks ago. But there have been no cats outside since, so I do not know if it is now safe, even though he swears he has put no more poison down. When Faith arrives on Sunday I am going to ask him if we can look in his garden and his shed for any dead vermin - I do not think he will mind, especially since I am offering him an alternative to normal poisons. I have searched all my outbuildings in case there is any trace of poison from the previous owners, and also for dead animals, and have found nothing. My well water is going to a lab on Friday for testing too, though I am pretty sure it is safe for animals. But how can we test the situation? I cannot risk any cat's life, mine or any other, as a live experiment. I suspect that I came close to losing all of my kits on that awful day, and I cannot bear to think of it. If it had not rained midmorning, they would all have stayed outside, and might all be gone.
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I hope and pray that the problem was that your neighbor put out more poison than he's admitting to, and that having him switch to the new raticide is the answer. I have no idea how the problem could be tested. But thank God the mayor has taken an interest, and thank God the Deputy Mayor is moving in nearby! It can't change what has already happened ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) - but it will help the future.

If your well water isn't the problem (highly unlikely!), and the only source of the poison could be your neighbor (which it is beginning to look like), then switching the raticide will solve the problem - and though it will take time to heal and to get over the fear, this will be the paradise you hoped for your kitties!
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