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Janina is gone

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Janina our oldest queen has left us .Yesterday she quietly passed away.
Holding her paw in the hand of her owner,as always when something important should be done in Janina's world.
She said a silent miaoo and went over the Rainbow Bridge, and left us all in grief............
There is a big hole in my heart
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Hello Chrii

That's a sad note indeed to enter the Cat Site on. So very sorry to hear of your loss and sadness.

You say Janina was a queen - are you a breeder? Whyat type of cat was she?

Anyway, welcome to the site - we'd love to hear more about you and your furry family.

Once again, sorry about your Janina (beautiful name - pronounced Yanina)? and I hope your pain begins to heal very soon.
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Please accept my condolences on the loss of your beautiful Janina.

Time is our only friend when trying to deal with the loss of one of our beloved pets. I hope and pray that your time passes quickly and with fond and loving thoughts of your fur babe. Your Janina will hold her paw out to you one day again at the Bridge ~ her new and important Janina world.........

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Chrii, The silent meow has always touched me, and as Janina's last gesture to you, it is especially touching. We love them so much that I believe we forget how much they love us. I'm sure you remember her as a loving mother who was so proud of her babies, and would have protected them against anything, no matter how huge. You protected Janina that way. You gave her as much love and protection as she gave her babies. My heart aches for you. You have truly lost a member of your family. I'm glad you shared that with us. God bless.
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Chrii, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Janina was obviously a very, very special cat who was very loved. She knew that. She obviously loved you very much as well. What a touching thing she did in her last moments. I have no doubt she was saying how much she loved you, as well as goodbye. She will always be with you in spirit, and waiting with baited breath at the Bridge for you.
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for your support .Yes Janina was a very special cat . She was 15 years when she passed and have given us so much love during our years together.
Not to speakof all the adorable and beautiful kittens she have given birth to.
Janina was a sealpoint Balinese unusually dark almost black and with a long silky fur.
She was a spitting image of her father Vivelkattens Beardy and had his temperament too.
She was by the children called the Empress in her last years because she was the undaubted "leader of the Pride".
We will remeber her with love and I sincerely hope she will be waitng for us when it is our turn to cross the Brige to Rainbow land. Thank you again.
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So sorry for your loss...

Know that Janina was greeted with outstretched paws and will be surrounded by plenty of friendly and loving furrballs where she'll remain and wait until you are reunited again.
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so sorry for your loss. hugs
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