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Cat miscalculated...

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his leap. He is such a goofy boy. No one was harmed in the making of this video.
This features Ricky Bobby, our adopted polydactyl, bobtailed Pixie-Bob wannabe doing what he does best: get into trouble.
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Awww, he made it too!

Now, Meowmy! You must learn not to leave 'scary noise making things' on the window ledge!
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Poor baby..............It's too funny when they scare themselves with something that they did!
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That's funny! He would have made it just fine if it wasn't for the scary noise stuff.

I'll move this to Fur Pics.
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awwwww, poor baby!!!
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so.........he´s in the bath and wants to jump onto a shelf - why ?? what was so interesting ? arent they funny when they get something in their minds !! Of course, they always scare the bejeezers out of themselves cos they alway manage to knock something flying - what was it ? did it break ??
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you'd have to ask Ricky Bobby himself what he wanted with that shelf. My suspicion is that he wanted a window that he wouldn't have to share with the other 3 kitties. They had all been craning their necks at some birds outside my bedroom window just prior to his mishap.
He then went into the bathtub, prowled around for a few minutes (giving me time to fetch the camera), and leaped up onto a wire soap-dish full of assorted stuff. One bar of soap chipped, that was the only casualty (aside from RB's pride!)
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Here's a picture of all four, birdwatching, a few weeks ago.
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that is a beautiful picture of your 4 birdwatching kitties.

Ricky Bobby went for it.
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OMG that's so funny! Reminds me when Peaches is startled. She'll jump in the air about 2 feet and spin in mid air.
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at the window...He's a very confident, almost 'Doggy' cat. Not easily frightened, but yet, no bully, either. I love him to bits!!!!

He's a very uniquely weird, odd, cat. I found him in our County Impound, where the kill rate is very high. He was found in a sewer drain pipe with 2 females that looked something like him. They died, according to the employee who checked out "Hemingway", as he was named in the Pound, for his extra toes.

He is FeLv negative, but may be a carrier. I think not, as my other 3 are still very well.

He loves dogs, other cats, all humans...the world is his OYSTER!!!
And we all love HIM!!!
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Ricky Bobby is a very handsome boy.
I love his tail.
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Thanks, I think he's extremely handsome...thought so even when I saw him all skinny and raggedy at the pound...He was a head-butting, purring ole pussy-puss. Add in the multi-toes and short tail, and his color, sort of a "snow-mink tabby" to steal a description from the Bengal folks...he's just stunning. And if he was ugly, he'd still be a "10" beauty from his sweet heart!
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