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Happy Breakthrough

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I just had to let you all know never give up hope - things can turn around. My darling formal feral Astrid has made amazing progress since I got her at the end of June.

I am happy to report that although she is doing some naughty things at night - waking me up by jumping on the bureau and knocking around the stuff like the perfume bottles etc. I have finally had enough and after scolding, I just got up and picked her up and carried her to the next room. So what you say? She has NEVER let me pick her up and when I did ONCE before (to put her in her carrier to take her to the vet), pooped herself, scratched me bloody and yowled as if I was killing her. Last night (actually, early this morning) I picked her up twice and the second time she was purring and let me kiss and cuddle her. I couldn't believe and thought I must be dreaming.

So, if your pet is hiding, running away, or being anti-social, just let them be and have patience and they will let you know what they will tolerate and when. It might be tough (it was for me), but that advice I found here really helped and it has been so worth it.

Good luck and hang in there. Thanks to all for your help with my kitty.
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Being owned by a formerly partially feral cat, I totally relate to your happiness!! Those little baby steps are MAJOR causes for celebration! Time, patience, and consistency will pay off in the long run. Congratulations!!

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Awesome news! I cant wait for the day Fez lets me just walk up and pick him up. Oh my that would be a dream.

What kind of advice did you get and what did u do?I'll try searching the board for your other posts.

Ive been patient with Fez, talk to him softly, feed him special feedings of wet food, and I always walk slowly around him. I never even try to pick him up anymore.
He seems better now that my ex moved out, dont know why, maybe cause my ex was a big guy and walked loudly and made lots of noise, like most men...lol.
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