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Congratulations, Neet (neetanddave)!!

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Congratulations, Neet and Dave!

Neet and Dave have now managed to get all their things and cats to their new house!

They are still wading through a city of boxes and have a lot of sorting and settling to do, but they are there!

Don't get too squiffy on your celebratory champagne and we look forward to hearing all about your move as soon as you're sorted!
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Congratulations. Good luck in your new home.
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Congrats on your move!!, we can't wait to hear from you again
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Woooooooohoooooo!! Enjoy your new home
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Congrats! Welcome to your new home!
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Congratulations to Neet, Dave, kitties and gnomes on your new home!

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Congrats!!! I'm sure you are all much happier now.
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Yay! Hurry and unpack so we can chat while watching the webcams and stuff again!!!
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Congratulations Neet!
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Another one settled in their new home, only a few more of us to go
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Congratulations! That will be me soon!
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13 more days for me >_<
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