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Crying Kitty, help

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Hello, my kitten is 13 weeks old. I've had him for about a week and a half. He is very playful & healthy, took him to the vet. But he cries all the time, nonstop. Does he really miss his mommy that bad lol. What can I do??
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How much and how often is he eating?
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He is eating all throughout the day and drinking. I give him Purina Kitten Chow dry.
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is he playing by himself, or with you?
How often do you pick him up and cuddle him?
and does he sleep in your bedroom?
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My kitten Eve cried constantly at the shelter (she was caged alone), and continued to cry a fair bit for the first week or so. Now she never cries except for when I'm getting her wet food ready. I'm sure it was because she was so lonely before, as she's a very social cat. Now she's never lonely because I adopted a second kitten at the same time.

Do you have any other cats? If not, can you adopt a second kitten? They really are very social. Plus they tend to play together a lot and wear each other out so they don't get into quite as much trouble. I don't know how I'd handle Eve without Lily around to help her work off some steam!
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aww...........its hard to hear & see them upset as you say he´s probably just missing his mom and maybe his litter buddies
So I am sure all your TLC and attention will help and in time he will settle to his own routine

Lots of luck & headbutts coming to you and your kitty

Oh and if you get time maybe you could post some photos

We love photos here
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How do you post photos?
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You upload your pictures to the internet.

Then in the reply box you click on the yellow square icon that has a mountain and sun (it looks like a yellow envelope with a stamp on it to me, hehe). You type in the address to your picture IE: http://myhost.com/mypics/kitty.jpg Click OK, and the picture shows up. Place your cursor below the picture and do it again. Repeat for as many pictures as you want to post.
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