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Bubble Bath or Shower

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I was just about to hop into the shower and then I got to wondering...what does everyone else out their like? Bubble baths or showers?? My, I love bubble baths...but since i'm sick at the moment, I need a quick shower. I think I like both depending on my mood. What about you? Do you like bubble baths or showers better?
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Bubble baths if I'm stressed and showers if I'm in a hurry
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I havnt taken a bath in years! I take showers.
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I'm afraid of water, so definitely showers, but only if no water runs over my face!
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When sick or stressed..............bubble baths
when in a hurry..............shower
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If i want to relax and am not very dirty then a bath.

But i nearly always take a shower, its quicker and saves water.
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A BB anytime!!!
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It depends on my mood really. If i've had a really tough day or i'm not feeling too good then i'll have a long soak in the bath but i prefer a shower cos they are so quick and easy and they save water.
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Showers only. Everytime I take a bath I get a bladder infection. I know thats odd but it happens. So I haven't taken a bath in probably 15 years. And I wouldl ove a nice long soak in bubbles.
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well I voted showers..............but I do love a bubble bath, but it seems those days are long gone .......
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Unfortunately no time for bubble baths!
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It depends on my mood, I like them both
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