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Hi!! Im am new here and I thought I would introduce myself!!

I am from NS Canada and I own 2 horses and 5 ponies I show competitively on the Maritime Quarter Horse Association curcuit and at local shows around here!!

I got my cat Padme when she crawled out of my sisters car one day. My sister had been to a few places and when she came into the driveway POOF there was a kitten!! In perfect shape except for a small burn on her nose where she had touched something hot under the car.

I joined this forum because I am hoping to learn some more detailed things about cat care etc.

Here are a few pics of the most recent little of barn kittens

chicklet crawling out from under the hay

Macho thinking he's cute with his big feet

Chicklet says "Catch me Macho!!!!"

Chicklet says "WHOA Macho you stink!"

Macho after I jumped up at him

Hershy and her double paws

High five anyone?

Hershy is the king of the castle and Chicklet is the dirty rascal!!

Chicklet attacking Reese

Macho thinking he's spiderman

Reese being a cutie