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Gizmo bit her left forearm so hard yesterday that a small patch of hair was nipped off down to the skin. She appears to have abraded the skin (rather than bitten it) and there was some redness that might have been blood. I don't see anything else wrong with her. Is this part of her allergies or is it just something that cats do to themselves occasionally?
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Probably her allergies. My Lil Bit had an allergic reaction to a flea bite a few years ago and would bite herself raw,too. Well,she was pulling her hair out by the roots,leaving little abrasions. Flea meds helped her,but I don't know what to tell you about your baby! Maybe someone else can advise....
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Likely allergys ... Zoey does it after eating a known alleregen... Have you introduced anything food wise in the last 24-48 hours>>?? I mean evan a treat ...
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Well, she insisted on eating some mozzarella cheese this week (would NOT get off the table, would NOT take her head out of the bag, and would NOT go away) so that's likely it.

There will be no more mozzarella in this house.
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Oh heck..............cheeky little cheese - monkey hope shes feeling better soon ................did the vet offer any cream ?
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I can't eat dairy and I suppose Gizmo can't either.
We really are two kindred souls. I knew it the minute I saw her rush for her dinner bowl when she was stressed about something!
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Cheese can be a huge no no for many allergic kittys...
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Funny how she craves it. She was more assertive than I've ever seen her! Then again, she was an adoptee and I have a strong supposition that her previous owners fed her pizza and tuna fish!
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Darling , please learn cheese and tuna are not the best diet ... Please tell your mommy to possibley make meat cookies for you with a rice cheese
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Fortunately Gizmo is not able to order pizza over the telephone, and I detest tuna so I have only a little in the house (emergency supplies)

Gizmo gets cat food now, and eats it, and she's not biting her arm.
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